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advent calendar! Always ate all before Christmas Eve!

Origin: Catholic

Polish name: Adwent

    Participation: Only Catholics

Because Poland is a veeery Catholic country a lot of families celebrate Advent, as the time that helps you prepare for the Christmas period.
Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25th, and this year it was December 6th. There aren't any special pageants or sth included, it's more like a time for meditation and thinking. The word itself "Advent" from Latin mean "Coming"- so it's connected with the whole birth of Jesus motives. I decided to make this entry today because December 16th is the end of the first part of Advent, when you "wait for the Jesus coming for the second time" and redeem us all. So yaay us!
Tomorrow the more important part of Advent starts. From December 17th till December 24th it's a time for spiritual preparations. You know, people we would like to become, good deeds of past year, and stuff like that. Some
expiation from the followers would be also nice. It's a truly joyful time of the year.
The good part is the Advent calendar. You know- that cardboard box with little windows for each day- and inside is a little chocolate and a small painting. Of course I could never wait withouth eating some more chocolates.

Hey! Have you read this book by Jostein Gaarder? "The Christmas Mystery"? When a boy is opening the boxes of the calendar and in each one is a story's chapter of a group of people going to Bethlehem? And
the story has one chapter for each day of Advent. I also tried to read only one chapter per day, but always failed. When I was younger I read it every year.
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advent calendar! Always ate all be…
advent calendar! Always ate all b…