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London calling


This time I’m going to London for getting that Christmas feeling and do some Christmas shopping. Heard it shall be a nice time to visit London.


Started to plan my tripe in September 2009 and bought a cheap ticket from Norwegian when they did have some offers.

After that I read on travbuddy nettpage that someone else was going to London in almost the sometime as me and asked if she would like to travel with me.

She’s Flavia from Portugal and said YES.


Before going to London think of:

What do you want to do in London? Shopping, seeing historically places or both?

Think carefully. In London the time passes fast and there is no much time to everything. If both you may have more than a weekend in London to see a lot and feel that you not got to see the stuff you wanted.

If not, you have to make a list of  what you want to see, not get any planes like: first going to… and than to … and so to … because than you will make your hell in running around London and not have any relaxing time.

Do lists like this:

In order to what you want to do most and what not so importuned if you not reach.

1.    going to Buckingham palace

2.    shopping in oxford street

3.    see a theater or musical

4.    dinner at nn restaurant

5.    do some markets

6.    teats a lot of English beer

So on…

Not be sad if you just have enough time to do one thing or two everyday, you can always do a next time in London.


Where to stay?

If you in to be up late at nights and do a lot of pubs and sleep long in mornings, than you would get less time for tourist stuff and need more days in London if you not just want shopping and night life.

Than you have to take a hostel or hotel close to Soho or British museum or oxford street. So you want have to use so much many on taxi. The underground stops running at midnight.

But also know that there can be some nice local pubs in other areas.

If you want to be more a tourist and go to sights, than you can stay any where. Everything is in the line of an underground.


I and Flavia deseeded to try this couch surfing we’re into. It’s not with out risk but can be trying.

But be shore of that London is a big town even than it has 1000 couch surfers. And that you may have to write to about 10-20 persons before getting answer. And that be in time is good not just write them a day ahead.

So three days before living for London we got a YES answer from someone up in Liverpool street, east end.

I write them and ask if I could come some hours before Flavia because I would come in the morning and she in the evening.

Got a "YES" at that too.



Come to London Gatwick was easy going from there to Victoria station. Get an Oyster card for the underground. It is easy to use. Just put some

Money on and use it. And when it is empty get some more money on.

First got up to Bayswater to see the hostel I order for my lost night.

There area up there is a street called queen’s way and it is full of restaurants, cafes and pubs and tourist Shoppe’s. The hostel was easy to found and it was called “hostel west two London”

From there I walked down to Kensington and the big park around Kensington castle. It is a nice park for children to play in and a nice area. The castle was closed and the weather not so nice.

Come to Kensington high street and took the underground up to Liverpool street station.

There I seat down on the mc Donald’s. Found out on my map that the host was living out side my map and had forgotten to write on Google to found the local map.

But after calling the host and so I got there.

The host was nice couppel living in this old house with a small garden cared with the neighbours.

We had a nice relaxing evening together and wait for Flavia to come.



Flavia was there and we all had breakfast together. The host was still nice and followed us down in the city.  It was an area of London much closet in the weekend, much office buildings and stuff. The old jack the ripper area but in new stile and with new houses.

We Walked down to the Tower of London.

The tower seemed so small in a way where it was in between the new area of buildings at the bank of Themes.

But it was big en area not height. Mow high towers but lot of buildings around.

The tower costs 17p to visit, best is to order the ticket before on internet. You get this account and don’t have to stay in line for ticket.

It was so much to see and we just walked around there for over 2 hours.

After we got hungry and there was some small fast food Shoppe’s around the tower.

After we went down by the river and so all of London, the eye, the big Ben, Westminster and so on.

Got down to big Ben and took the underground to Piccadilly.

In Piccadilly there was lot of people and we just went in to a market area and look at stuff and I bought some postcards and other cards, and of course a pending watch. Have always wanted me that.

After the time was much so we seat down on a café hoping that the host as she told us would call us for coming down to eat with us. But she didn’t so we went on to the big bookstore. It’s one of the biggest in Europe. There the have almost everything. I was looking for books by P.G . Woudhoues and he is an old classic writer from England in the 20th century. That you can hardly found in Scandinavia at those times. But here we could, it was like heaven for all book loves here in this store.

Have a friend telling me that she always stays here for hours when she is in London.

Than the time was really late like over 8pm and in Scandinavia as I come from that is much after dinner time and almost after super time too.

So we harried up to Soho to found a dissent restaurant and get some food. Where was one Italian but we had to wait 20 minutes for a table. But the rest was most sushi or fish and chips and we didn’t want that.

So went back to the hostess around midnight and they where already a sleep. They had got us some keys so we did get in.



Last day in London still not bought my sports cloth and seen Covent Garden or speaker’s corner as I had planed.

We went don’t to city again with our host and she showed us the market around the area. Than we did some shopping and looking in the markets. Before going up to the hostel. Flavia was supposed to stay the last night with some friend’s friend up in oak.

And I in the hostel.

It was easy getting back. The hostel was ok.

Got down again to Piccadilly and did see a bunch of Santa clauses coming in our way.

Got to the sports store in Piccadilly right after they closedL

Ended the day by eating in a restaurant in china town. Didn’t really know what I was eating but it was ok. The English in this menu of food was not like the English in menus in china restaurants in Scandinavia.

After that we live each other and hope the other one a got tripe home and I got to sleep in the hostel.

The hostel was ok for one night but I want recommend it more. Cheap, but not good.


Most say all the times of opening on the stores in London was crazy for me coming from Scandinavia and be award of that the most tourist stuff like tower and castles close around 4pm.


The time run fast in London, even than I been a lot of times to Stockholm I always have some hours left at the evenings for beer and pubs. But not there in London.

















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photo by: ulysses