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I just woke up and I feel very hungry. Of course I have nothing for breakfast and I am not really a serial person! Most people in my room have left already. After a nice shower I feel like a new person, I was far too tired in the night when I arrived I couldn’t be bothered with it but now I feel much better! Now it is time to have breakfast! Where is the next bakery?? I have been to Perth a few years ago and I do remember the streets but not really where a bakery is. Anyway I grab my little camera backpack ��" never go anywhere without who knows what photo opportunity I might come across ��" and start walking down the street towards the mall. I also have to reconfirm the tour I booked from Perth to Adelaide. I have tried many times before but no one answered the phone. I also asked my friend Merv in Australia if he could try to call them but he had no luck as well! Anyway 1st I will have something to eat and then I will worry about the call….


Now this is the 5th time I am calling this number and I keep getting this answering machine now I am starting to worry a little! “Is the travel agent still around? Am I still booked on the tour? Is this tour actually leaving at all? Where will be my pick up?” Good that I can multitask while I am thinking my feet are taking me through the city right to this small travel agency. So I go in there and ask the guy if he knows the company and lucky me he says yes! He picks up the phone and sorts the thing out. Pick up next day at 7:00 a.m. at the train station!

Now I am more relaxed and can finally enjoy Perth …. I like this city it is really nice and so clean amazing for a big city!

I am watching a FreeStyle Rap Festival … . I am sure there is a proper name for it but I have no idea what it is called. I am not really into Rap but this “show” was quite interesting and some of the guys were really good! Then unfortunately it starts raining  ....

Later on in the evening I will meet a friend who is going to arrive from the U.K......


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Finally I am in Perth. All I need to do now is to get through immigration pick up my bag and find a transportation to the YHA and finally I will be able to sleep in a bed but of course I am not the only one who just arrived in Australia. There is a very long queue and all of us want to get through immigration more sooner than later. I guess it will take a while before I see my bed! :-( At around 1:15 a.m. I get my backpack and need to queue again for the screening area. :-( Finally I can take the bus shuttle to the hostel. Not later than 2:00 a.m. I in the hostel and running around a flash light to find a free bed in the dorm. Of course the only one not taken was one upper bunk bed and loads of stuff in front of it from the other girls. I am trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake everyone up by going through my bag to find my stuff for the night and no, I did not have it in plastic bags I am well prepared all things I need are in the top of my backpack! Finally sleeping time!!!
photo by: cimtech