Day IV - Going for Luxor

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Getting started towards Luxor

Traffic in Egypt

Even though I did not drive myself nor have visited metropolis like Cairo and Alexandria I have gathered some taste samples of the adventures of traffic in Egypt.

I general the roads are almost better than I expected; I had expected that the roads between the big cities would be good in order to handle the hordes of tourist that visit this country for the sun and its culture.

The only thing that is quite annoying is the numerous of road controls and the road bumps everywhere to reduce speed.

They way people drive here is without any rules. I really wondered what the rules for taking a drivers license is there. Drivers are passing double lines like pedestrians are crossing red lights in London.  They are using their horn like their hands were glued to it and the noise is therefore amazing in the city centre. I was taken by the fact that we passed loads of signs indicating that you are not allowed to use horn while every car that passed in fact used their horn.

We had to leave very early; at 5 am in the morning since many of the fellow bus riders were on a one day trip driving back the same day. We had planned to do the same thing but the outlook of having a 10 hour bus trip in one day was too much to handle on a relaxing holiday so we decided to stay in Luxor for the night at the Club Med.

I guess that one of the things that we least looked forward to was the bus ride; it just had to go as fast as possible. One things appeared very evident was that the road conditions are not that bad but there are numerous of gates that blocks the roads constantly and the usage of road bumps is completely exaggerated. You are constantly jumping up and down in the seat, even though you are sitting in a fairly modern bus.

Deats says:
You get the license if you pay for it. Simple as that.
Posted on: Dec 27, 2009
tj1777 says:
You should know the main requirement to get a driver license in Egypt is - you must be able to use the horn on the car. Just to warn those nasty parked cars which might consider driving out in front of you.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
sarahsan says:
Sounds like Egypt!
Posted on: Dec 09, 2009
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Getting started towards Luxor
Getting started towards Luxor
El Gouna
photo by: Chokk