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Mile 26. If I look like I'm about to collapse, its because I am.
I did it, I did it! 4:59:17. broke 5 hours (barely)... and although my original goal was 4:30:00 (which turned into 4:45:00 at mile 18... and "just finish this thing" at mile 22...) all I can say is "holla!" :)

An amazing experience. Imagine 26.2 miles of people lining both sides of the street, at least 9 bodies deep, everyone screaming, playing music, ringing bells, holding up signs... handing out beers (yes, for real. several people were doing this. I kindly declined...). Even if you're not a runner, you MUST go to Chicago to watch the marathon at some point in your life. Essentially, its a massive outdoor party.

My dad was by my side every step of the way, which made the whole thing that much better. I remember baaasically wanting to die after mile 23, and I cried a little bit at mile 24 out of pure exhaustion (and I am NOT a crier), but I’d do it again in a second. The months of waking up at 6am on Saturday mornings to run 18 miles, nursing blisters on my (nasty, nasty) feet, spending all my money on running clothes instead of outfits for the bar, the fact that I can't even move a single muscle in my body right now... its all worth how I felt crossing the finish line, just knowing I continually pushed myself mentally and physically to accomplish something so… I guess I can say it, absolutely insane :)

And I can't belive I can say this, but when's the next one???
Jen1107 says:
Congrats!!! I LOVE the Chicago marathon! I'm definitely not a good runner, but I'm hoping to one day give it a try :)
Posted on: Sep 06, 2007
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Mile 26. If I look like Im about …
Mile 26. If I look like I'm about…
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