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Wat can I say about it…

First of all it’s only three hours flying from the Netherlands, so you’ll be there before you know it. The people are friendly, the beach is gorgeous and in the summer time the weather is great!


Some Tips & Tricks:

  1. When you go to Portugal, no matter what city or village, you should eat “chicken piripiri” it’s a tipical Portugees meal and it tastes delicious. It’s kind of spicy but not to spicy! It has got the right kind of spicy-niss J.
  2. Go to Lissabon, it’s a beautiful capitol full of old buildings en a lot of shops. So fot the shoppers amongst you, eat jour heart out. And for the ones who love architecture en sight-seeing there is pleanty to see.
  3. When you go to Lissabon be aware of pickpockets. Even little children wi’ll come to you and ask for your money! So be aware!
  4. Do rent a car, don’t park to little cars in one spot. They will tow your car away and you’ll have to pay a fine. And just because youre a tourist it wi’ll cost you about €60.- on top of your fine!
  5. So when you have rented a car, just drive around the beautiful nature, go and have a drink with a local litlle café, Coke costs only €0,50.- very cheap!
  6. Beach beds aren’t very cheap. The cheaper thing to do is to buy a big beach towel and a parasol. This way it’s much cheaper and you’re still on the beach.
  7. The thing to do is go to the moest South-West of Portugal. People just to think that, that was the and of the earth! (back in the day when people believed the earth was flat…) It’s beautiful out there, and you can eat a German  sausage, and you will get a certificate of that memorable moment. Is’nt that hilarious!
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Praia da Rocha
photo by: Lucy360