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I'm infamous for not packing for huge trips like this until the last minute. Yes, I'll make 14,000 lists of what I should be packing, which I'll then revise 27 times, which I'll then color code, which I'll then sort in order of importance, and so and and so forth. However, I don't actually put anything into my bag until it actually hits me that I'm leaving... which happens about 12-24 hours before I board the plane. So of course, to stick with tradition, I have still yet to place a single thing in my brand new camping backpack at this point. And normally, that wouldn't bother me, because this strategy has always worked for me in the past.

But this time I've run into a slight problem. I'm leaving in 3 days, and I'm about to go to the doctor to get tested for mono. I've had a horrible sore throat since last Sunday, and I've just felt "blah" overall. Finally on Wednesday I used the ultra-handy travel flashlight my mom so kindly bought for me to take a peek at my throat.... only to see that my tonsils were (get ready for way too much information) completely white and pretty much touching each other. Delicious. I was thinking it might be strep, but my doctor nixed that idea (and by doctor, I mean my pediatrician. Because I think I'm the only nearly 22 year old that still goes to her pediatrician. And I feel even cooler about that fact when I'm sitting in the waiting room next to girls who are the same age as me... except that they're there with their infant children.) The doc took one look at my throat and said, "Wow, that must really hurt." Oh good, I'm glad someone agrees. But after he ran a strep test, he let me know that its not the cause of my troubles so all we can do is wait for the infection to clear up on its own. But if I wasn't better in a day or two, he wanted me to get tested for mono. Its now two days later, and my tonsils are bigger than ever. So, on a day that was supposed to be devoted to trip preparations, I'm busy heading back to the doctor. Just my luck.

I am just praying that I soon feel well enough to actually function normally. Aside from some soup and baby food (a real delicacy, I'll tell ya) I've barely eaten in 3 days. I have zero energy, and there is still so much I need to do. Shop for the trip, write and mail my graduation thank yous, photocopy all my travel documents, figure out my spending money situation, buy Spartan football tickets for next season (woo woo!), get donations together for the school I'm volunteering at, PACK! ...the list goes on and on. I'm wishing more and more that I finished all this weeks ago like a truly responsible traveler would have :)
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