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Taking the child and stroller for a bike ride.
Holy moly. We slept for over 14 hours. Much needed, I guess. Started the day around 9am... woke up for breakfast in the hotel -- fairly simple, but filling - toast with jelly, cornflakes and orange juice. Afterwards, we went back to our room to shower and pack up. My last warm shower (potentially, anyway). We left our bags at the front desk and went to have a look around town. This meant lots of walking ,which I loved, even though my feet are crying a little. We sat in the main plaza after walking around a bit and had a baguette with ham, cheese and pineapple and some Amstell (I'm becoming a beer connoisseur!) Again, we walked around more, just trying to see a little bit of the city in every main aria off of the city square.

The one thing I wanted to see was the Corie Ten Boom House because I thought it would make up fro not going to the Anne Frank House.
Sitting at an outdoor cafe, watching people go by is one of the most enjoyable activities when traveling.
We spent all afternoon following street signs supposedly pointing out where it was located, only to walk all the way out to what seemed like the outskirts of town with absolutely no luck. I gave up on seeing the house as we walked back to our hotel for our bags... it was finally time for us to go the airport. And wouldn't you know it, right there in front of was the gosh darn Corie Ten Boom House -- a huge red sign spelled it out for us. And of course, it had JUST closed. The best part? It was directly down the street from our hotel the whole time. Literally, no more than 100 yards away and 100% visible from our hotel room window. Oh well, a funny story and we still had a great day. So our time in Haarlem (and Europe for that matter) is over. Here are a few of my observations:

1.) The Netherlands = bikes. Seriously, bikes everywhere. Mothers riding bikes with 15 babies strapped to their backs and 4 toddlers in a basket on the front. And none of them wearing helmets. That would be considered poor parenting in the US but its just day to day life here. And I love it :) And watch out for the bikes, because they will run you down. Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way, ever.
2.) I forget all my other observations. Haha.

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Taking the child and stroller for …
Taking the child and stroller for…
Sitting at an outdoor cafe, watchi…
Sitting at an outdoor cafe, watch…
Bikes, Boats, and Canals.
Bikes, Boats, and Canals.
photo by: lydia12345