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Faraja Orphan Center in Moshi, Tanzania... where I'm known as "Teech-ah!"

I'm here in Moshi, and of course have not had time to post any updates here since arriving in Tanzania. Don't worry though, I have written some 60+ pages in my journal already, which I plan to put up here when I get back home (with accompanying pictures...oooOOOooo!!).

But, I wanted to put this picture up of the Faraja Orphan Center where I will be teaching for the next month. This picture gives you an idea of the setting, and the kids... the structure you see was just built within the last month, and Mr. Masawe, the man who started Faraja, hopes to put up walls as soon as possible. This will cost about 2 million shillings... thats about 1,600 dollars US. Until then, whenever it rains, the children have school inside that tiny room in the background - part of Mr. and Mrs. Masawe's house. Clearly they are an extremely generous and caring couple.

...By the way, it took me 40 minutes to upload this photo on the super speedy African Internet connections... so you better enjoy it :)


Funds Raised So Far:
1- $50    Cash. CAHM
2- $50    Check #0003 BD
3- $500  Wire Transfer MC
4- $60    Check #1021 BM
5- $10    Check #145 AZ
6- $100  Check LS
7- $100  Check AI & BI
8- $50    Check AMEC
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Faraja Orphan Center in Moshi, Tan…
Faraja Orphan Center in Moshi, Ta…
photo by: joseph98