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So today we met with a mason/carpenter about building walls for Faraja Orphan Center. The school has no walls, just a roof. Whenever it rains, the kids either get wet, or cram into a very tiny room in Mr. and Mrs. Masawe’s house. One of the other volunteers raised about 800 dollars to put towards building the walls, and construction begins TOMORROW… but the thing is, there isn’t enough money to finish the project yet. The mason is going to start and see how far he can get with the available funds, but about 800 more dollars are still needed.

So, here’s what I’m doing… if anyone at all is interested in donating to Faraja, I’ve worked out a way to do so. Keep in mind that this is not through an organization, so donations will not be tax deductible or anything like that, but know that every single penny will be put to good use. My mom and dad have agreed to collect and deposit any checks that are mailed to my house into my account, which I can easily access while I’m here from an ATM downtown. Every check will be assigned a number and I will keep track of donations on my blog (http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/6479/Faraja-Orphan-Center-Moshi-4. you can also see a picture of what Faraja looks like right now at this site). I will then send an email to let each person that donates know which number represents their donation… that way everyone knows exactly how much has been raised, and that their contribution has been accounted for. Please please don’t feel obligated at all to give, I just wanted to let you all know about this in case anyone is interested in helping out. I know everyone gets asked for money all the time, and there are so many different people and organizations that need support, but after being here with these kids even for such a short time, I can’t just sit here and not try to do SOMETHING to help.

In Swahili, “Faraja” means “comfort”… and to these orphan children, it really is the only place they can find comfort… So, if you are interested in contributing and making Faraja even more like a home for the kids (and again, DO NOT feel obligated), please mail a check made out to me to my home address (if you don't know it, send me an email and I'll let you know!)

No donation is too small • even a dollar can go a loooong way towards helping these kids (just think, a pair of new shoes for the children costs one dollar. To send one of the older children to a government school once they turn 7 is only about 50 dollars a year.) If by some miracle all of the money to build the walls is raised, the school has so many other needs, the extra donations will be put to good use as well. Right now, the children have absolutely no school supplies. Mrs. Masawe cooks their lunch outside, without any shelter from rain. The school doesn’t even have a bathroom… the children use a bush about 10 feet behind the school. Mr. Masawe also hopes to put some sort of play structure for the kids to use… anyway, long story short, there is a lot of unmet need here, so if you are interested in helping, feel free, and if you have any questions, let me know!
Funds Raised So Far:
1- $50    Cash. CAHM
2- $50    Check #0003 BD
3- $500  Wire Transfer MC
4- $60    Check #1021 BM
5- $10    Check #145 AZ
6- $100  Check LS
7- $100  Check AI & BI
8- $50    Check AMEC

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