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NOAA Shearwater

My dad wanted to see a picture of the NOAA R/V Shearwater, where, lately, I have been living more often than not :)

So, I've thrown one up here. There ya go, pops. Enjooooy!

At the moment, I’m actually still at work, on my break! This morning I had my weekly conference call with the education coordinators from other Marine Sanctuaries, and with the National Education Coordinator (hello, no pressure or anything!!). We each go around and take turns talking about what we are working on, and offer each other advice and get feedback on what we are doing. Basically, that means I sit and listen most of the time, but then I have to report on what I’m up to, and they all ask me questions. It’s super scary, but I think I’m getting better at it :)

Anyway, I just got a huge assignment to sort through TONS of lesson plans, educational websites and newsletters to pick out the most useful information and post it on the Oceans Live website. The website launches on July 17th, so it should keep me pretty busy for the next few weeks. Then, today during my conference call, I found out that in the next few days, I’ll start taking a bunch of lesson plans that the National Geographic Society developed for the National Marine Sanctuary program and changing them to the National Marine Sanctuary lesson plan format - that means adding stuff like recommended class size and configuration, the “me-connection” (so kids make the knowledge their own), explaining what science standards are addressed, and so on and so on. I’m excited, but nervous. Weird.

All this work has me tired, but it looks like my much needed break is now over.

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NOAA Shearwater
NOAA Shearwater