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Safety Seagull delivered my NOAA safety tip of the week… telling me how to type correctly now to avoid back problems later. Its a lovely birthday treat :) And the icing on the cake… I just realized that my arm hair has officially been completely bleached blonde by the sun… and its my favorite thing about the summer! Weird? Yes I know, but its the little things in life…

Let me just say right now that I have the best friends in the world. You know, I was a little sad about not being at home with my family for my birthday, but my new friendsies out here in Santa Barbara made up for it. Yesterday I went to church (woah, first time in forever) and Anja called while I was there and left me a message saying that I should come over. So I went right to her house from church, and when I got there, she had a huge platter of cupcakes with candles in them for me. The little dear woke up at 8am to whip those suckers up. On a Sunday none the less, one of the only days we interns actually get to sleep in. And I love her for it! And as if those cupcakes weren’t enough, Lance and Brandon were standing by with their trusty guitars to serenade me with a lovely tune about how I love cupcakes (very true, of course). And Anja and Dez… and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, for that matter… got me presentttts. New clothes, a CINMS polo shirt (courtesy of Anja and Dez’s pestering their boss), and a book called “We Thought You Would be Prettier - True Tales of the Dorkiest Girl Alive” (how appropriate.) And then we all picked up and went to the beach for the day. Which, as always, is the best thing to do.

And all that was before my birthday even officially started. Today, the boys met up with me for lunch at Chipotle. I’ve eaten lunch alone every day since starting my internship here… I forgot how great lunchtime conversation is :) It reminded me of my favorite times spent in the Shaw Hall cafeteria with my favorites from MSU, which I haven’t had nearly enough of for the past two months. So all in all, I’m having a great day. Not that I don’t miss the fam and friends… I’ve been spoiled my whole life being a summer baby, because I always got to stay home the entire day with the rents and whoever else doing whatever I want. But the hometown crew has called to say hi, and that makes me incredibly happy. (I love you all!)
And who knows what the rest of the day holds? Update soon…

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