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When I spent a few days in Bangkok last december, we only got to stop by the infamous Thanon Khao San for a quick look and an even faster lunch. Adding to the fact that I liked the vibe, the hotels there were much, much cheaper, and I calculated that it would be a lot easier getting in contact with some fellow travellers than in a hotell mostly occupied by japanese businessmen, like the one I stayed in last year on Sukhumvit. Based on thes assumptions, I booked three nights at the Rambuttri House Hotell, which is in a street paralell to KSR. This street (Thanon Rambutttr) isn't what I normally would describe as quiet or laidback, but it actually is compared to the more known parallel street one block south.

When I arrived at Suvarnabhumi after a very comfortable and pretty cheap direct flight from Oslo (Thank you Thai Airways)I was still pretty tired and thought briefly about taking a taxi into town, though that was until I saw the line at the taxi stand there. So because of my thorough previous research, I instead opted for the Airport Express Bus. No Line at all, ten minute wait (or two cigarettes) and a pretty decent price of 150bht. The number two route (AE2) takes you directly to Khao San Road, is really cheap, fast and comfortable. I really cant see any reason for spending four hundred pluss on a taxi.
I stepped of the bus one block southwest of my hotel, and managed for some reason to get properly lost on the way there.
When looking at the map now, I still can't understand how I did that, but after about 25 minutes I arrived at Rambuttri House. Allthough from the opposite side of what I had planned.

To describe the hotell, the best word I can come up with is decent. I had splashed out for the deluxe room (1200bht pr. night) and the deluxe parameter here was that it included a minifridge including free orange juice, and Coke. (Not a normal western style minibar, I tell you. What's the difference you say? A minibar is made for standing in the same room as a sleeping person. A minifridge is obviosly not.) The orange juice was apreciated, but there's still six unopened cans of coke in there. The room was perfectly clean, it had a nice arrangement of fake flowers (probaply another deluxe feature) and a wiew over the lovely swimming pool belonging to the Viengtai hotel next door.
The best thing about the hotel though, was the location.

As a single traveler, I really liked the KSR area, allthough not specially Khao San Road itself. I enjoyed the restaurants and bars in Thanon Rambuttri and Soi Rambuttri (which is the same street, only a little further west). And I also spent a few hours in a nearby park next to the river, reading a book and finnishing of those orange juices. There were, as said, a lot of nice places there for a solo traveler, (Molly bar across the street from the hotel, Rambuttri Terrace in Soi Rambuttri, O! Hungry, also in Soi, and a bunch more). At these places it was easy to grab a table next to another lone soul, and strike up a conversation for an hour or two. Yes, even for a socially challenged person as myself.

So most of my four days in bangkok, I stayed in this area, either curing my jetlag in the park with a book, or at a restaurant or pub, looking at life.
But of course I had to see a few temples and shopping malls while I was there. And luckilly there was a really nice temple two blocks away, and the taxi to th MBK mall, only costed me around 100 Baht each way.
One Quick advice though. If a memmorystick or other storage device is really cheap, it's probably a fake, and wont work in your camera. I examined the pack before I bought it. I'm employed by Sony, and think I should have a fair chance of spotting a fake package or product, but still. When I got back to the hotell and inserted the stick into my HD videocamera, the camera litterally laughed at me, and said "are you expecting me to record anything on this crap?" Anyway, it wasn't a lot of money, and it'll be a nice souvernir for our storage product manager back at the office, and of cource. Another lesson learned.

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photo by: rintjez