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So today started off pretty chill. We woke up and went to sit by our pool. Each day this island seems to be getting busier and busier. NYE is upon us and Phangan is welcoming it by opening it's doors with greased hinges. Our pool at the resort we are staying at has gone from a pool you,d see at a southern Californian apartment complex to one that resembles MTV spring break. I will be honest, I mind not one bit. The people at our hotel (Weang Thai) seem to be a bit older which is as refreshing as an ice cold glass of Coca-cola after hiking the Sahara. The ratio of beautiful people at this place is immensly higher than that of the average population. Not that I care. But I do. They are young, toned, sunbathed - it's a nice touch. I obviously don't need to reiterate how superficial the world we live in is but let's cut the bullshit and shoot the giant elephant in this room right between the eyes. Good looking people are fun to be around. They make your brain release chemicals that give you a sense of rush and euphoria. Personally I like the drug. If only they sold it over the counter. And to clarify, that's the feeling, not the good looking people ;). At the pool today, we met a bunch of people but the moat worthy to make the blog would be 3 French Canadians. 1 I didn't speak two so that takes them down to two. Patrick and Victoria from Monrrreal. Anthony was able to excercise his French dialect while I was inspired yet again to become bilingual. I'm thinking of taking either French or Spanish classes while either in LA in the spring or Vancouver in the summer. French is more appealing to me as I have a base of it from school but Spanish is way more useful in today's world. Tough decisions tough decisions. We made plans to grab some dinner with Sarjeant Terry and Chloe at 9 in Haad Rin but at 6 Anthony and I were a little hungry and thus jumped in the bikes to the loal vendor market in the town of Thonsula. We each chose the dish that appealed to us with me grabbing two types of chicken shish kabobs, a chocolate banana pancake, and a red dragon fruit ice shake. Yummmmmy! As we were leaving I ran into two drug dealers from Norway. The drug was them and we were "binjing". I assesed, made the approach, inserted the needle, and enjoyed. We ended up talking to them for about 30 minute before I offered them a ride on the bikes to their hotel. By the time we got there, we were close enough that we decided it was a good idea to have a drink. Or 5. Four hours later we were stIll there hanging out together. Great times, so far (read the latter two words "so far" as if they were in italics or as if it was the end of a tagline for a horror film). If you put the math together while you read this, you'd know the timing didn't work out with the Sarjeant. We bailed as the snack we ate earlier became our dinner which was unplanned, but as well, c'mon, Norway! Ok so let's get to the "after so far". We decided to head to Haad Rin to party on the beach. It's presently about midnight. These girls also had this dude tag along, some guy from Red Deer, Alberta. I'll give you the two reasons I didn't like him in a bit. Anyway, we all arrive and start dancing. Anthony decided to roam as he wanted to find yet another needle. (in case you missed it, we're not heroin addicts, the needle I speak of is the metaphor for girls). So now there was 4 of us. Two girls, joke from Red Deer, and me. Joke dissapears and returns 4 minutes later with 3 beers. One for him, and one for each of them. Reason 1: pulls a douche move. You could at least offer to get me a beer. I probably would have said no as I don't need random to do me favours but even if I said yes, they are 55baht, Aka $1.25 Canadian. Douche. We eventually caught sight of a giant slide where you climp up a rope ladder and then go down. I went first, then followed by the pretty little thing I had been connecting with for the last several hours. When she came off the slide she obviously came down on her foot wrong as their was a giant dark lump on the top of her foot. I helped her limp to the side so she could sit down. The sight of the bump, think a 2nd ankle but on the top of her foot, was making her nauseas and thus I grabbed her a bottle of water. I don't know much first aid but I know ice reduces swelling so I asked the bar for some ice and a bag and they were kind enough to give me some. Suprisingly actually because everything in Thailand coats money. Even the use of a toilet at bar. She said she wanted a doctor to see it and I agreed so we decided to find a doctor. I read in someone's travel book that there is first aid on hand so I was fairly confident we'd find help nearby. So joke didn't even ask how she was. He's standing there for the twenty minutes we sat and didn't even ask her once how she was. Then her friend tells him we're going to find a doctor and he's like "see yah". I have to also point out thr this guy is not a random. They met him and his friend In Bangkok and were kind of all travelling together for the past two weeks. Reason number 2: Lack of integrity. Where's the soul brother? You are not my brother. Anyway, long story long, but soon to end, her foot was broken but they needed to get her to Koh Samui asap. So her friend went to their place to get their passports and I stayed with her in the hospital and then they were off. I went by their place twice the next day but they weren't there. I feel horrible for her. SUCH a sweetheart and so nice and now she'll probably be wearing a cast for 6 weeks. After they left for the boat I was done with the night and thus I jumped in a cab and went to bed.
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