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OK this blog is becoming very difficult to write.  Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy writing it and writing in general but the days here fly by and before you know it, I am again two days behind.  As you know from my previous entry a few days back, I have 24 hours of memory and 48 hours here feels like 85 more than 24.  Anyway I will try and remember.  I will say that there a few things I want to point out.  1) Dad - I have no idea what your acronyms mean at the bottom of posts.  I make stuff up but I can only assume they are wrong.  2) To you who leaves posts at the bottom of my blogs, thank you.  I don't respond to them but I do appreciate them and love that you take the effort to let me know you are reading each and every entry.  It really does mean a lot to me so thank you.  3) Believe it or not, I am not retarded.  I try and edit the punctuation of my post and I know ThAt capital letters don't belong in the middle of words and that punxtuashin is not spealt like that but typing on an ipod is more difficult than you think.  4) Lastly, Sorry for not always posting pics.  Some days I don't take any and other days its just hard to post.  These computers are PCs (gay) and some don't have flash which makes it uber difficult.  Im going to try and put some pics after I finissh this blog, they might be from other days which I will organizse when I get home.   Now that that is all cleared up, I shall kick start the memory.  Ant and I woke up today and took a walk on the beach.  The beach here is beautiful.  Again, I will reiterate, Koh Phi Phi still takes the cake for beauty.  Koh Lanta takes the vibe for all round fuckin' awesomeness (but perhaps I personally just had a great time here) and Koa Tao's piece (of cake) wins for "all round".  Enough people to socialize, warm beautiful water attached to beautiful beaches, its clean, and its an older crowd.  If you are coming to Thailand - I recomend it.  It is 100% focussed on diving.  It issues the most diving certificates in the world and the resport I am staying at actually issues the most amount of certificates than any other place in the world as well.  Pretty cool huh?  Anyway - the french girls from last night told us that there was a yoga studio in their resort and there would be a class at 10.  Ant and I decided, while on our walk that this would be great and thus did it.  It was Hatha yoga, for those who know yoga and was fantastic.  After doing yoga in Vancouver for so long at Yaletown Yoga and having recently done a lot f yoga in my house via my P90x program (which is the toughest of any yoga on earth) I found this class reasonably easy, albeit being the longest yoga class I have ever done spanning 2 hours.  After yoga, we grabbed some brekkie at the same resort, sittingin the shade, relaxing and enjoying the after effect of a yoga class.  They had a guitar so Ant and I went back and forth playing and strumming, eating, and drinking.  Before I knew it, it was 10 to 5, I was 20 minutes away from my diving school, and orientation for my program started at 5.  SOOOOOOO typical of me.  Late for the first day of class.  Anyway - I got there and thankfully they started late, probably because of me, at which point we made our way to the class room to begin the 3 hours of brutally boring and produced videos.  Im not saying I am the smartest man on earth but what those videos showed us in 3 hours could have easily been absorbed by me in 30 minutes.  "Fact: Scuba is spelt S C U B A".  I mean WTF?    Anyway - I met my diving instructor Abby.  From Chicago, totally cute - I like her.  After class I made my way back to the bar Ant and I had been sitting at all day and he was still there.  He had been at the same place (including yoga) for 10 hours.  Welcome to Thailand.  (BTW - Ant wasnt in orientation as he already had his open water certificate and was starting his advanced certificate the day after.  Sitting there with him was a couple from LA, and the two french girls from the night before.  We all decided to go for dinner, then to Lotus Bar for a few drinks, and then at that point, I went to bed.  I did run into Tom and Es, the other couple (besides Sarjeat Terry and Chloe) who I slept at Maya Beach with.  It was great.  They recomended the Bailey Shakes which I concluded was baileys, ice, and banana blended.  Try it.  So good.  (Had 3 at dinner).  I started real real class the next day and thus went to bed. 
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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea