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Anthony and I woke up this morning at about 7:30 as we both had long sleeps. I slept for more than 12 hours besides a few blackberry alarm clock notifications. Napping, holiday style, are imperative to any good holiday. After a long hard day at the beach, there is that vacant window of about 2 hours before dinner that was invented for an evening nap and a shower, although usally in the opposite order. We all do it, we all love it. I think my best daytime naps are on vacatio. (although competively rivalled by my parents red leather sofa). On a side note, and I have brought this up with people before, do you ever notice that if you take a daytime nap on a couch, it only feels right in your clothes? The weird part is that you were to sleep in your bed, sleeping In your clothes just does not feel right. something I've noticed anyway. The point was that I meant to take a nap after the beach and just slept through the night . We booked the ferry ride from Samui travel guide">Koh Samui to Koh Phangan. The shuttle was to pick us up at 3 to 3:30 outside our hotel. I had made a reservation for 6 nights in Phangan a week before I left Vancouver as I knew it would be impossible to find a place there over new years. Thailand is not only famous for hawking fake brands to socially brand desperate tourists or for it's beautiful sandy beaches but as well, over the last 15 years, it has become to world's home to the biggest beach party. Every full moon, Phangan (and more specially the area of Haad Rin, plays host to 10,000 people who are looking for the ultimate beach party. Not only is Phagnan having a full moon party this month, but just so happens for the first time in 15 years that it falls on Dec 31. Something like 30,000 people are expected this year and thus I booked a reso before I left. We decided to kill time in Samui before the shuttle, we'd make our way over to the beach (Lamai) next to ours (Chaweng). It was fun and relaxing and I was happy we did it. Unfortunately we could 't get a tuk tuk back to our hotel and missed our pick up for the ferry. We called the company and they schedule us on the last ferry of the night. We made the shuttle this time, made the boat, and made way for Phangan. Once we arrived, we tried to look for accomodation closer to Haad Rin but sadly failed. On the flip note, having a reservation was the right thing to do as EVERYTHING on this island is booked. I also got the last reservation and thus had to settle for a private bungalow with one bed. Two guys, 1 bed, no A/C. Yikes. Whatever, full moon is coming and that is all that matters. Sarjeant Terry called to see if we wanted to go out and we did and thus decided to meet in Haad Rin. Once we met, we grabbed a quick bite and made our way to the beach where the full moon party will be. All I will say is that if that was the scene 4 days before new year's eve, I can not wait to see NYE. Amazing music blasted through megatron walls of speakers, as neon lights reflected off the glimmering water's surface. Flesh of all shades danced throughtout the darkness with buckets in hand. I'll be honest, it was really fun. I danced on a podium with Laura, an English bird(lol) I met in Samui. Super sweet girl and we just danced for like 4 hours to amazing progessive house. Great night. Again I feel a stupid itch in my throat. I pray it isn't a cold. I cany handle being sick again. time to get ready for
y evening nap. Muah.
bikerdad says:
Heywader: Good on you for planning ahead and taking care of the NYE accommodation needs. Phangan sounds like, what challenges, i.e. sun, beech, dance etc. but hey, what the heck, life is what you make of it and I am definitely one for tasting the nectar. Another freezing cold day here in the great white north but life goes on, shops open, business in action, trains and busses running and people going about their daily "lives" in this freezing siberia. Not all bad though. igyb but still wya and take care. lvbdd
Posted on: Dec 29, 2009
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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica