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I'm trying really hard to remember what I did yesterday.  It seems like so long ago.  It was one of those days off.  Isn't it rediculous to think that you can have a day off within a vacation?  You see, when you take a two week trip, everyday is so important to be the beat day ever.  A rainy day on a two week vacation is almost a double digit percent of your trip gone.  A rainy day on a two month journey is just a shit day.  I feel like my mindset is now of a local's rather than a backpacker.  I feel at home in Koh Tao more than any other island which is making it very difficult to leave.  I know I have at least three more days here (two from when I am writing this) as that is when I will be done obtaining my advanced diving certificate as well as my nitrox certification.  I woke up this morning and made my way to the beach.  I wasn't joking though... It is my day off as yesterday I finished my open water diving course and tomorrow I start my advanced program.  Anthony spent the day with some Thai  local that he met at the bar the night before so I was flying solo.  Unfortunately for my blog, sitting on the beach doesn't make for good writing.  I haven't spent an entire day on the beach in sometime so it was nice to feel the heat again.  The water was crystal clear as always and the water hovering at atleast 80F. There was some rocks with fishies about 40 metres from shore and thus I really wanted a mask and snorkel.  Luckily, someone left a snorkel and mask right next to my towel and thus I grabbed it the next time I went in the water and used it.  Unfortunately their wasn't much to see, especially compared  to all the stuff I had been seeing over the past two days.  There were a few really territorial fish that when you would swim by "their" rock, they'd bite you.  It was pretty cute to see (and feel).  I was ready to leave the beach at about 5 but since it was a clear day, I thought I should wait it out to catch the sunset as I realized the beach faced west.  It was nice but unfortunately the first batch of clouds that appeared appeared right before the sun set and stayed between myself and thus sun and thus it was a bit of a dissapoinment.   After the beach, I went for dinner.  Ant was still with the girl so I went down to the hotel's restaurant to grab some dinner where I saw Clint (from class) and his gf Maud and the three of us ate together.  We all decided it should be an early night as Clint and I were diving the next day to 30 metres (100 feet!) and wanted to be ready for it both physically and psychiologically.  That was the day off... A perfect one.  I might as well put on paper what I have been thinking about.  I really, really like it here.  I don't want to be or plan to be the cliche who arrived and never left but perhaps a combination of that and the one who returns would be an interesting move.   I look at all the westerners who live here now and they are so happy. Like I have said before I am so happy in my life but life is a process of evolution.  One must evolve throughout their time on the planet to accomodate the person they will be tomorrow.  I'm not sure who said it but someone did: It was something like"you can't plan for your future as you'd be planning for the you of today who lives in tomorrow but the you of today will not be alive tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be home to the you of tomorrow.  How can you know what "tomorrow you" will want when he doesn't even exist?" I am so preoccupied with my future when I live in North America.  It's all about the giant ladder and where you sit on it.  The point is I really like it here.  I like the people, the vibe, the weather, the water, the small town feel, the diving, etc.  The only thing I don't like is the possibility of making money.  So the conundrum appears.  How can you spend time here and make money there.  Perhaps I can live for 5 months of the year running the company in Van that is seasonal in nature anyway, and the rest of my time live here.  The cost of living here is REDICULOUSLY cheap, especially when your income is in Canadian dollars.  Comfortably, you need about 20,000 baht per month to live.  Want some luxury? 26,000.  Want to eat out every meal, have a nice pad, drive a nice motorcyle, party every night? 33,000. For the record, $1000can =33,000baht.  Make money in the west, live in the east.  Is that not the perfect equation?  At this time these are just thoughts but it seems too easy and perfect to give up.  I want to live for now as tomorrow may never come. Let me know your thoughts on fb or email or whatever.  I'd like to hear what people think.  By the way, anyone wanna join :)  Cheers.   
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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea