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What a cute couple we'd make, lol.

This blog is going to be something different although you probably wouldn't notice. I am going to write it in the present tense from the present tense, as in on the day that it happened. I am at a computer, I am in writer's mode, and I don't want to have to write another one tomorrow. That being said, its 10 to 7 right now and who knows what will happen before I go to bed. We shall call it a work in progress and I will update it in a day or two if anything exciting happens. Which might be the case :) Very early morning today. I had to be outside my dive school at 7:30 and thus set my alarm for 6:45 as I wanted to grab some breakfast before we dove. After some toast and scrambled eggs, we jumped on a boat and headed for Mango Bay - the first place I would ever dive. Actually that isn't true, I dove in Eilat, Israel back in '99 but it was shallow and I had no idea what I was doing. So for my own sake, this is the first. We started off descending about 3 metres and then made our way to a max of 12. Beautiful fish just swam by us while our oxygen, once it escaped from our mouths, raced to the gulf's surface. Once at 12 metres, we did some skills, just tomake sure we knew what we were doing and remembered them from yesterday. I love that this school is so preoccupied with safety. REALLY makes me like them a lot. After 40 minutes, we boarded the dive boat and made our way to another site. Twin Peaks. We had to spend about an hour out of the water to let the recessed nitrogen in our blood escape which for me was no problem as I love being on boats and I love saying hi to Mister Sun. Once in the water at this site, I really started appreciating the underwater world. It was just so beautiful. I won't even try to explain what I saw as it would seem like an acid trip. Eels, beautiful coral, no joke the colors of the rainbow and when you snap near them , dissapear, hermit crabs, etc. Again, after 40 minutes, we boarded the boat to make our way back to land. I will admit I am TOTALLY flirting with my dive instructor. I think she's a pretty wicked chick. Also, totally hot. I am SUCH an adolescent. I can now confirm that I am who I am and I will always be a horrible student. Evey single bad characteristiv I had as a student came back. Sleepy in class, talking, making jokes. Luckily, in these classes, they are more appreciated than condoned and thus finally, my inability to sit and be taught is paying off. Between docking and the afternoon class, I went home, took a shower, and finished my homework over lunch. After lunch, we headed to class to do the last chapter and take the final exam. 96 percent baby. I asked Abby to join me for dinner and her response was an "ummm". I told her it shouldn't be that hard, its yes or no. She then told me that there was an unwritten rule that you can't date students while they are students. So a rain check it is for after the class. As I left though, her line was "there are no rules for grabbing drinks with students" so perhaps we will see each other later tonight. Probably a good idea not to go out though as it might be a bit more difficult to make the jokes I am making after a date. Anyway - thats it. I am in the lobby of my resort. Oh yeah, I have to decided to take my advanced diving course after tomorrows graduation of my open water certificate. I love my class, the teacher, the diving and the price. K later babes.

almidasa says:
Ady - I read your blogs all the time too - just dont always comment as i have to log in and all but i will commetn if i knwo you are reading the comments.
WYAGYBLVBDD - i would guess its wishing you a good year, bye, love Biker dad! the other one i am still working on as well. Your trip sounds so awesome...cant believe how many people you meet each day - thats great. Snowy here and cold. Kids are great, So cute and delciious. Getting ready for SA, cant wait. Its mom and dads Anniv tomorrow...dont forget. they are coming here for friday night. lots of love - Mich and boys xxx
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
bikerdad says:
Hey Wasdersonmac:

Antiseptic wash for the messing with this. Slow up to surface...critical never to forget this. Enjoy the underworld. Serenity, agreed...the quiet is astounding!

Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
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What a cute couple wed make, lol.
What a cute couple we'd make, lol.
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