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Emerald Caves
I woke up early by my cell phone alarm this morming. I had set it the night earlier so I could wake up in time to pack, get dressed, and try and catch a quick breakfast before I met Bolon and his crew at their hotel at 8:15.  I had to pack as I was moving since the hotel I was staying at wanted to raise my rates by more than a hundred percent due to it being Xmas.  Lame! I found a nearby hotel for less than I was originally paying at the first hotel. Of course that too came with a price as I no longer have hot water in my shower, A/C, tv, or a toilet that has an automatic flush. Don't ask, as I had to. The truth is, is you are in your room for so little time, the bare neccessecities are all you need i.e. A bed, a locked door, and a shower. Anyway, I decided to skip breakfast and use that time to walk to the French girls' hotel to write them a note to meet me at Mong's at 8:30 later that night.
Bolon, Warren, and I in the water at Emeral Caves
At 8:15, the crew of 7 assembled and we boarded the speedboat that would be taking us on a 4 island tour around Koh Lanta. It was such a fun day. We swam through the emerald caves, a pitch black rock tunnel about 40 meters long, which opened up to a small beach enclosed by a 4 sided wall of 200ft high rock. Private would be the word to define the beach. After that we went snorkelling and then made our way to another beach on a small island to have lunch. We were to be there for 2 hours so Bolon and I decided to take advantage of the massage shack which was right on the water. An hour long oil massage looking out over blue waters,  to the sounds of small faint waves crashing, for $10. Honestly, I almost feel guilty writing this stuff knowing how many people back in ice cold North America are reading this.
A Thai Fishing Boat - for some reason they interest me
If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. It's true. And it's here and it's yours if you want to come get it. After that beach, we snorkelled some more but in a different location. There were SO many fish at this spot. I think too many as their numbers gave them confidence and they started biting me on my back. They obviously didn't know I was "friend of the fishies". I actually had to get out of the water as the biting became a little uncomfortable.  How dare they. I mean we hardly knew each other. After the boat ride dropped us off by Bolon's hotel, we had a quick dip in the pool before I grabbed by backpack from bolon's room as I had left it there and then checked into my new place.  Like I said, nothing special but more than fine.  I knew everyone would be taking naps before dinner but I decided that this place was too good to waste and sat in a beach chair, on the beach, faced the horizon, and read my book.
Dinner with the 8 South Africans, and me, 4 couples, and me, meh.
After the sun had set, I blogged, showered for 30 secs (fuck that was cold) and met them all for dinner. Another couple had come in from the UK to meet their crew so now there was 9 of us. 8 couples and me, oh brother. I left the dinner early as to make my proposed 8:30 appointment with Eva and Emmanuelle. They were there, which was a relief, as I was looking forward to seeing them all day. After hanging out with them for about 20 minutes, the rest of the crew came and joined us. Eventually their mom and all of Bolon's crew had left which left the three of us which was tres magnificent. I wish I had a more diverse vocabulary so I could attempt to describe to you how I feel in certain situations but I fear even then that it would be impossible. Words can not describe the way someone feels when they look up into the sky and just think that life is perfect at that very moment.
Emmanuelle, Eva, and I at Mong's
It happens a lot here but last night, for some reason, it was epic.  It may have been the after effect of hanging out with a good friend, or the weather, or the beautiful woman, the Bob Marley, or the crystal clear stars in the sky, but for a few brief moments, as that is what life is, brief moments tied together, life was perfect.  Anyway, I said ciao to the girls as they were leaving for Phi Phi on the 25th and me to Samui the 24th (In the present tense of the situation, that would be tomorrow). We told each other we would catch up in Phagnan for new year's andthen parted. That was that. I obviously write these entries the day after and try not to cross over to the next day but plans changed and I decided to stay in Lanta one more day. Why not, the wind that pushes my from place to place seemed to be still and I am not one to argue with the gods ;) One more note... I am writing this entry on my iPod from a viewpoint on Koh Lanta. I had a shit burger but the view is to die for. I'm tomorrows entry, check out the photo "viewpoint #1" and you'll see what is the view from my table. Guilt setting in again, must go... xoxo
cultureshockguy says:
Three more days till I ship off to paradise. My excitement builds each day. Reading your blogs each day kicks that excitement to higher and higher level.
Keep up the good work fellow Vancoverite!
Posted on: Dec 24, 2009
almidasa says:
just wrote a whoel long comment and then it erased it somehow. Anyway, was saying your massage sounds great. i am booking one for next week in the FH village but mine will be ten times the price!!!
Posted on: Dec 24, 2009
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Emerald Caves
Emerald Caves
Bolon, Warren, and I in the water …
Bolon, Warren, and I in the water…
A Thai Fishing Boat - for some rea…
A Thai Fishing Boat - for some re…
Dinner with the 8 South Africans, …
Dinner with the 8 South Africans,…
Emmanuelle, Eva, and I at Mongs
Emmanuelle, Eva, and I at Mong's
Koh Lanta
photo by: Mezmerized