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Helma and I both woke up today at about 1 in the afternoon as we both really needed to catch up on some sleep.  We decided to grab some food which turned out to be quite delicious.  Green Curry with chicken and a can of Pepsi. Cost: $1.50.  I forgot to mention that last night I ran into 3 of the 4 Canadians that were apart of the big Canadian dinneron the last night of Koh Tao. Turns out they are on the exact dame route Helma and I are on which is wonderful as they are super cool.  Helma and I ran into Adam this morning and joked about his shirt which said Panda Chang Mai on it and he told us the zoo here was presently housing a family of pandas.  Lightbulb!  After lunch, Helma and I decided to head to the Chang Mai zoo of which we arrived in style in a tuk tuk.  It's a 3 wheel contraption with the driver sitting in the centre and has a motorcycle style handle bar to control it.  Zoo cost: 100 baht, 20 baht to get on and off the tram, 100 baht to get into the panda pavillion, total admission fee: 220 baht, $7. Total day cost so far: 8.50.  We decided to go into the Chang Mai Aquarium which was on site.  4 westerners walked in before us and showed their stamps on their wrists so, in usual Adam theme, flashed my wrist, smiled and was let in.  Helma also walked in right behind me.  It was a great coincidence that there was 4 westerners in front of us as the zoo was mostly filled with Thais.  The aquarium was amazing.  I gave Helma a Phd on the fish I knew which was pretty much all of them.  Finally my geeky fish hobby as a child came in handy.  I was explaining the breeding habbits of Harlequin Rasboras ans Serpae Tetras, explaing what the brown blobs were (shark eggs), what gourmais are and ao much more.  I'm cool with my geekism. All good.  As we left we asked the desk how much the ticket was into the aquarium.  450 baht each.  Suckers!  After the zoo we took a taxi home and thus the round trip cost 70 baht, 2 dollars. Day cost: 10.50.  The two of us organized our Vietnam visas through the front desk of our hotel, 2200 baht, 68 dollars, day cost: 78.50.  I really wanted to buy a book as I recently finished Kane and Abel, Also by Jeffrey Archer.  A really great book. Sad a little but inspirational.  Recomended.  I bought Chantaram which I have wanted to read for about a year and Life of Pi which also is on my list of wants.  The truth is I really wanted to by As The Crowe Flies by Archer but I feel as I have to diversify my readers list.  Books: 450 baht, $15 dollars, TDC: $93.50.  After the books the Cyn, Karen, and I booked our trekking tour through the Chang Mai mountains starting tomorrow and the day after.  1100 baht, $20, TDC: $113.50.  After the booking, Helma and I went for an oil massage across form our hotel.  They were the worst yet in Thailand but still, it wasn't bad, and so cheap. 200baht, 7 dollars. Total day cost: 120.50. We drove around for about an hour looking for a pizza place we spotted eearlier in the day and when the four of us eventually found it, it was closed so we decided to head to the night market where grabbed McDonalds and Starbucks. 180 baht, 6 dollars.  I wil never learn.  I felt horrible afterwards so j went to bed as I knew the next day I was starting my mountain trek. So I spent about $127 dollars today, not including accomodation. I know they sound like random expenses but everyday is like this. Obviously some days worse than others.
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes