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A) This day was poop.  B) I no long want to be a day behidn in my writing and sinc I just wrote a long Dec 31 blog, I am making this one short.  C) I can do what I want.

Woke up about 1pm baking in the sun from the chair I slept in the night before.  Not as bad as it sounds,.  I woke up a couple times before, I had my shirt on my face to block the sun.  I spent the entire day at the pool.  Bought some french fries for breakfast, and a coke.  Eventually I left the pool and scootered to Celje's hotel to see how her foot was.  This time she was there.  Crutches, pain killers, and some kind of tensor bandage cast.  Way better than I had thought it would be which made me SO happy.  I took her on the bike and we grabbed a fruit shake at the market.  I like her, she's very cool.  And so pretty.  And she doesn't know it, which is unfortunate.  After I took her home, I jumped on the back of Ant's bike and he took me to Haad Rin to grab my bike.  I grabbed some food and we walked the beach.  EMPTY.  So different from the night before.  One bar was still playing music but no one was dancing.  The town was dead.  The town of hangovers.  As soon as I heard the music, I started dancing.  I just love good tech-house/progressive-house music.  I could dance to it in my sleep.  After the walk, I went for a massage and then scootered home and then went to bed.  The first day of 2010 - done! 

Since this blog is so short - I will admit one thing to kill some space.  I really want a tattoo.  Not from being here, just a long time thought.  Its a big toss up between getting something I want and breaking my parents hearts or not getting what I want, and not breaking them.  Its not like a drunken rampage that I have seen so many times while in Thailand where people get hammered and get tattoos.  Mine is thoght out and I know what I want.   I want it on my upper back, center, about the size of a bread plate.  It will be of this : as I am a Leo and feel that the King of The Jungle is a pretty clear and bold statement to make.  I also want to somehow put a star of David in it, just not sure how, but then a lion with a star of David also starts looking a bit rastafarian as those are their symbols.  Having said that, I doubt its meaning or importance to me lacks any relevance to the heart breaking issue.  Don't freak out, its not being done yet, just thoughts in my brain.

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Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
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