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NYE Full Moon Party

OK its January 2nd now so I think I have fully recovered enough to write a blog about NYE.  Wow.  What an amazing day.  I definitely fall within the school of thought that New Year's is always a let down.  There is always a build up to how great the night is going to be and how it is going to be different from every other night/party of the year and yet it continously always fails.  It always, always fails.  Its usually an overpriced, expensive night, filled with the same people you partied with yesterday and the same ones you'll party with tomorrow and to continue the theme, the same music as well.  Oh wait!  You also get a "complimentary" glass of shitty champagne.  Deal! Due to my obvious pestimistic attitude, I didn't hold much regard for the upcoming party that was to be later tonight.

Mine said "Sweet/Dude" (Dude' where's my car reference), his said Heart Sperm.
  (I'm changing to present tense - so assume I am writing this on Dec 31).  There was more hype for tonight then any party ever before.  For the 21 days I have been travelling Thailand and of the hundreds and hundreds of people I have met so far, no joke, at least 96 percent of them are coming to this party.  Numbers were being thrown out: 30,000 people, 40,000, even 50,000.  I admittingly jumped on the band wagon and let the hype get a hold of me.  I became excited, very excited, but I did always have a doubt that it would be just like every other new year's party before it.  Ant and I decided to spend the day at the pool.  The vibe today was different then any other day.  It was so busy (so much so we had to put towels on the grass vs getting our own lawn chairs), people were over friendly, it was great.
Koh Tao, Thailand
  Music was pumping out of the speakers while everyone chatted and gossiped about what tonight will be like.  I stopped by Celje's (Celia's) hotel twice to see how her foot was but sadly she wasn't there.  I'll admit it, I worried.  Anyway - we met the people who were sitting next to us, 3 Swedes, 1 Guy, 2 Girls.  This guy was classic Gangster.  HUGE tattoos all over his back and sides, shaved head, rolling with two girls, both topless, one with the biggest fake boobs most people have ever seen.  The funny thing is though is he was pretty nice, Sweedish Army, one of the girls was his sister (the whole topless thing didnt make sense to me - brother/sister but Europe is Europe)  I guess he was dating the big boobed one and they went offfor a walk so his sister and I hung out for about 2 hours.  It turns out they didnt have a room as the hotel made a mistake so they were going to leave their bags in the lobby and spend the night at the party and then come back and sleep by the pool in the day.  Works for me.  I told the three of them they could use our shower if they wanted to shower before the party.  They accepted with excitement.  So after I left the pool, I went to the room, tried to sleep but failed, took a shower and got ready.  Anthony did the same, as did the three Swedes.  When I booked this hotel, I had to pay for a 6 night minimum and as well, buy the required gala NYE dinner.  SUCH crap.  2200 baht for dinner.  I could seriously bought an entire meal down from the computer I am at right now for 100 baht and it would have been better!  2200 - thats like $80 but equivilantly its more like $300.  When I booked it I was by myself and thus I booked one dinner. Anthony had the option of paying the 2200 but obviously didnt take it so he grabbed some food on his bike and then came back later.  Sarjeant Terry and Chloe came to our hotel after their gala dinner and thus we were all together, ready to go.  Okay, its go time... We jumped in a cab.  Before this moment I was extrememly lathargic from the sun.  The sun here with a lack of the proper amount of water is deadly for your energy.  At dinner I took down a coke and 1.5 litres of water, and a beer, so by the time I got into the cab,  I became energized.  The taxi was nuts.  10 people, all so excited to get where we're going.  As soon as we hit Haad Rin, you could feel the vibe punch you in the face.  People walking through the streets passed the traffic jam of cars.  It felt almost like we were going to Woodstock.  I have no idea what the feels like but I could see it feeling like this.  Finally we jumped out of the cab and joined the pedestrians.  Before we headed to the beach I wanted to find my scooter that I had parked there a few nights earlier but unfortunately it was gone.  After some searching, I found it off to the side.  Few!  Safe.  I was being responsible leaving it down in Haad Rin as I didnt want to drive it at night after a few drinks and I almost paid big for it.  We had to pay  100 Baht to get on to the beach which I would have been upset about as it is an outdoor party on a public beach but I had read it was for the clean up and medical servies and thus had no problem paying it.  The beach was, and I use these words to PUNCH out what I am saying, FUCKING CRAZY.  There were soooo many people.  I had been to Haad Rin beach 2 or 3 times before this to party and it was busy then, this was a different story.  Where as there was only 4 bars open the last times, the entire beach was filled.  Bars I didn't know existed were blasting music onto the beach with thousands of people dancing to it.  Neon Lights, Neon Lights, Neon Lights.  Words in the distance that were on fire.  I ran into 4 of Bolon's crew but not bolon which was exciting but obviously not as exciting as seeing Bolon as that would have been this year in Thailand together, last year in South Africa together.  When we went to refill our drinks (Me, Ant, Terry, Chloe), we ran into the other couple that we slept on Maya Beach with.  The girl in ths couple is so funny.  She gets so hyper and excited when she is drunk been to with no countdown and I have to be hoenst, it was kind of refreshing.  But, then, BAM.  BAM.  BAM.  Firework after firework after firework after firework - for 15 minutes on every side of us.  With every bang, the crowd roared.  It was an epic moment.  I tried to call some friends and family to wish them Happy New Year but I couldn't get a line out.  I guess the phones were being overused.  From there, the night went on.  Guess what?   I ran into Bolon.  So exciting.  I love that guy.  We spent about 30 minutes together with him and Lara and tammya nd Kev.  2 Years in a row - might be becoming tradition!  I met a very cute and fun Australian girl who looked like Mary-Kate Olsen from Full-House.  We had a really good time together for the rest of the night.  Just dancing and kissing, and the stuff young boys do with young girls.  (Can I still consider myself a young boy, I hope so.)  One of the coolest things that did hapen was very late into the night, Liz (Mary-Kate) needed to use the washroom so I took a seat outside and waited for her.  Some guy walks up and points to me - "Adam." "Yeah?" "Kits." "Yeah - do we know each other?" "Wadersonmac." (At this point I was like who the fuck and what the fuck) "Man - I read your blog everyday.  Every morning with breakfast I read your blog, well before I came to Thailand, you're a really good writer".  He told me he was going to Koh Lanta because of how I wrote of it.  Darrin - if you read this, you made my day. More like my week.  My one and only lifetime celebrity spottings.  LOVE IT.  I got home about 7:30.  I called my parents to wish them a happy new year.  I wished I could trade places with them for 24 hours and give them the beach and sun and sand that I was standing on when I called but opbviously I couldn't.  I didn't want to be inside so I slept on a beach lounger and for the first time in 2010, fell asleep.  My best NYE ever. Happy New Year Everyone.

cultureshockguy says:
What a night!Staying in Haad Rin and the beaches are dirty after the parties.It's starting to turn into a ghost town here but still fun as hell. Partying with some gils from South Africa.
travel safe & we'll see around...
Posted on: Jan 02, 2010
Bommiexx says:
sounds like u had fun :D
Posted on: Jan 01, 2010
wadersonmac says:
Thanks Mich. I hope dad gave you the message re: Happy New Year to you and your fam. Miss you guys! SA SOON. Thanks for reading it. It takes forever but knowing people enjoy it makes it a lot easier to keep going.
Posted on: Jan 01, 2010
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NYE Full Moon Party
NYE Full Moon Party
Mine said Sweet/Dude (Dude wher…
Mine said "Sweet/Dude" (Dude' whe…
Koh Tao, Thailand
Koh Tao, Thailand
Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica