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The title of this entry was first written as "A little bit of nothing" as to be honest, not much has happened since I last wrote my blog.  I have become the webster's definition of lazy (disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous) and thus haven't done much.  After I wrote the last blog entry, we did not role as 5 but rather as two as I sent the Australian guys to a club that we didn't end up going to.  Yan and I headed for dinner and then went to the Red Apple bar where we had a few drinks.  We played a bit of pool and in that time met two girls from England.  I swear, if I had any dislike for English people my trip would be horrible as it seems that it is the Brits who I have only hung out with.  So now we were four and from there headed to the Why Not Bar.  As per usual, had more drinks, danced, hung out and then moved on from there.  We eventually made our way to The Sailing Club which was having its version of the Full Moon Party.  In between dinner and the Red Apple Yan and I walked past a diving shop and somehow they roped me in to joining them on a dive the following morning.  I can't imagine it was that difficult for them as it went down somewhat like "Wanna dive tomorr", (cut them off), "Yep!".  So with a 7am pick up the next morning involving a possibly life threatening activity, I knew it would have to be an early night for me.  So by the time we got to The Sailing Club, much to the dismay of myself, I told them I had to go home for some sleep.  We had just arrived in Nha Trang at 6am that morning and with few hours of sleep on the bus plus a short nap in the day, I knew I needed some rest, albeit not much, before I dove.  So that was it, I went home, watched the end of "The Fog" on the tv in our room which was a mistake as I had seen it before, in the theatres none the less, (as my friend was in it) and thus knew it was a horrible horrible teen horror/thriller.  What can I say, I guess I am a sucker for lights within a square box.  Can't turn it down.  So eventually I fell asleep and woke up the next morning at 6:45.  The dives were great although the fish sightings were no where close to the diving of Koh Tao in Thailand.  As well, not being with my diving family, those who were in my class in Koh Tao that I had become such good friends with, made it so different.  Everyone on the boat spoke Russian and thus I had a few hours of inner thought and quasi meditation.  The latter in itself being the former.  I will say that the diving was still amazing as Vietnam has some serious coral in its waters.  Huge Huge aquatic plants (not really plants but coral) that swayed within the deep current, housing different types of clown fish (Nemo) and Damsels.  I did see some interesting things though like 2 lion fish (, some squid ( and a barracuda.  After the dive, Yan and I both just read our books (I finished "Stanley Park" and was somewhat dissapointed.  The author, Timothy Taylor, is obviously a smart man with a serious talent of writing detail but the story itself was boring, redundant, and just missed its direction.  Sorry, this isn't a book club, I'll move on....  From there we basically repeated the previous night at the same bars but this time I was a bit more rambuncious as I could enjoy more than 2 or 3 beers and stay up past my curfew.  We met some Russian girls, sisters, one was yay, one not so much.  I made sure that Yan focussed his energy on one of the Dutch girls who we saw, the same girls from Hoi An, so that I could focus on the yay.  Not to be confused with the "yayo" ( which I focus 0 energy on.  This morning (sorry, no details after that part of the night), woke up at 2:30pm as I obviously needed some sleep catch up, or it might have been because I feel asleep at 7am, walked around Nha Trang, grabbed some food, booked my bus ticket to Saigon for 8pm (1 hour from now), booked my flights to and from Phu Quoc (tomorrow 10am), and then packed up my bags.  I had a bit of a fight with the hotel front desk as they wouldn't give me back my passport as Yan wasn't with me.  They must of thought I was ditiching him which I obviously wasn't.  Turns out he's a super cool guy.  We had great times together and I will totally stay in touch with him.  If we lived in the same city we would definitely be good friends.  He didn't come home last night (call me cupid) nor all day today until after my affair with the front desk but basically I yelled at them for not giving it to me, "I paid the bill, I am leaving, give me my passport", "NO", louder..."Give me my fucking passport, shall I call the police to have them give it to me?" "Ok Ok".  Suckers.  So that's it - not much else to say and hence "A little bit of Nothing". 
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Nha Trang
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