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Morning was horrible.  SOOOO tired.  Could barely open my eyes.  As I said goodbye to the other 4, or more like see you later, as we, like everyone else in Thialand will be going to Koh Phagnan for NYE/Full Moon Party.  I was drived around Ao Nang on the back of a pick up - picking up other travellers who would be taking the boat to Lanta.  I decided I would be unsocial on this trip as I was too tired to think, let alone talk.  I had no interest in sitting in an air conditioned cabin on the boat as I would rather be outside, smelling the salt, seeing the colors, etc.. That lasted about 5 seconds because by second 6, I had fallen asleep on the boat.  As I woke up we were pulling into Lanta - only regret thus far - didnt wear sun tan lotion on the boat, nose: burnt, forehead: burnt, upper leg which NEVER sees sun: burnt (pants wrode up I guess).  My bad.  Mistakes happen I told myself.  I am exaggerating the actual amount of sleep I got on the boat because I did have enough time to meet and chat with the english couple - Fi and Will who were sitting next to me.  It turns out we were going to the same part of Koh Lanta and thus decided we would share a cab, but first have a drink at the bar.  Their Drink: Beer.  Mine: Mango and Ice.  I just ca't keep up and I am okay with that :)  I found a hotel right next to Sri Lanta, the resort where my very good friend, one of my best from university, David Bolon, was staying.  He is here with his gf and his best friend in SA Kev (who I know) and Kev's gf.  Apparantly I am the only one travelling in Thailand without a significant other.  Again, okay with that.  Their are pros to travelling alone, i.e. freedom.  Anyway - they were not at their resort when I got there (as they had no idea I was coming to surprise them) and thus I hung out on the beach all day, with Fi and Will, playing cards and having drinks , which by now, are beer and shots for me.  Eventually I saw the 4 SAers, and we had made plan to have dinner and thus met at 7:10 at their pool.  From there we walked to a nearby restaurant and had some Thai Food.  I wasn't sure if mine was bad or if I had become way to overexposed to thai food by this point but I couldn't eat it.  My mango banana shake on the other hand was yum yum.  I wanted an early night so when we were done, I retreated home, turned on the tv to try and catch some BBC news (first tv thus far in my hotel room stays) and then went to bed!  No pictures were taken and thus none are shown.  Sorry. I will say this.  Koh Phi Phi is probably the most beautiful place I have seen in Thailand thus far, but Koh Lanata has to be the nicest.  LOOOONG beahces with nothing but water in front of you.  The sunset I experienced last nights would be one of the most relaxing experiences of my life.  It is quiet here, with adult tourists vs 20 year olds looking for any excuse to chug a beer.  I MUCH prefer this place but I do fear that I might be craving some excitement by the time I leave.  I think I am meeting Anthony, my friend from Van, on Koh Samui on the 24th which is also exciting for me.  BTW - all the islands have Koh in front of them as Koh means island in Thai.  Laters skaters.
sylviandavid says:
What a nice blog..... So glad to hear how beautiful it is there...
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
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Koh Lanta
photo by: Mezmerized