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We were to meet early today to start the advanced class.  Abigal showed up as she was teaching the class but told us she was sick with a sinus, lung, and throat infection and we would be having a replacement teacher named Dave.  Yipee.  Obviously I wanted her to feel better but with no doubt in my mind I knew it was Abigail who made my open water class and I was really looking forward to having her as my teacher again.  I had to realize I was there to dive vs. having a crush on my teacher.  We did a little bit of theoretical education before we took a short break and then boarded the boat to go on two dives.  The first dive was our first to 30 metres.  It was amazing being so deep. There were 2.5 metre bull sharks swimming around us.  It was amazing. After the two dives, I got home and was exhausted and grabbed some thai food by myself and went to bed.  My time on Koh Tao is coming to an end soon. A few more days perhaps until I start heading North.  I really don't want to go though as I love this Island. Its special, like the one on the tv show LOST. But I am coming back.  I have made up my mind.   Im tired now so I don't have that much more to say.  Long day on the water. Night.
Gagmel says:
Hi Ads - congrats on your diving certificate - looks like it has oopened up a whole new underworld for you. Sounds quite beautiful. How is your liver holding up? Looks like the next leg of the journey will be a little different but certainly an intersting part of the world. Life is good - cold but busy so no time to think of the cold. Not much snow though which is a good thing. Miss you lots. MelB.
Posted on: Jan 11, 2010
almidasa says:
hi ady! Your plan to live in paradise for part of the year sounds glorious...i guess thats why so many ppl do it in florida - its a 3 hour flight, good weather and just easy to get to. Agree with dad, you will have great adventures ahead of you. If you loved phi phi you may have not left adn seen Kao perhaps the other places will prove as impressive to you. Glad you are travelling now. When you do get married and have kids - it gets hearder to just get up and go so enjoy it all!! You sure are seeing the east. Congrats on the diving certification...amazing. be careful - love you. Al is in israel now.
Posted on: Jan 11, 2010
bikerdad says:
Hey Wadersonmac:
Your days and nights sound magnificent, what with so much time to contemplate everything you are doing and people you are meeting. It all sounds rather glorious. While you may be reluctant to leave Koh Tao I feel sure there will be new and exciting experiences ahead in Laos, Cam and V'nam. The dives sound fascinating, especially the little fishies wanting to protect their turf. Be safe! Love always. bdd
Posted on: Jan 10, 2010
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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea