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So I have made the classic journal writing/blog entering mistake which would be to assume I can remember details of a day 3 days after that day ended.  It isn't that I didn't want to write it all down and give the details to my friends and family but rather I was just too busy to do so.  After Maya Beach, I tried to catch the 10:30am boat to Krabi so I could make my way from there to Ao Nang Beach which is the 2nd home to travellers looking to go to Railey Beach.  Unfortunately We only arrived back from Maya at 10:30 and thus I missed the boat.  Seriously though, I couldn't have cared less.  You don't even need to make the effort here in Southern Thailand to say something like "If it is meant to be, it will be" or "whatever happenes, happens"  because that is just so how it is here.  Missed the 10:30?  No problem.  There is a 3:30.  I have no where to go and thus it is impossible for me to be in a rush.  Definition of serenity much?  Anyway - I killed time by reading my book in the town book store/cafe and watched as hundreds of tourists including those coming in and those leaving the island pased by.  Eventually I made my way to the ferry and this time, made it.  Was was wonderful, was that on the boat, Terry and Chloe were going to the same place (the amy Sargeant and his gf) as well as Sam and Rory, the two english guys I had originaly met on the "in to Phi Phi" boat.  So here I was, 10 days later, with two groups of friends that I was able to rbing together to create a gang.  Nice!  Its funny.  On the boat I sat next to two Vancouver girls.  10 days ago I was desperate for conversation and would have done anything to speak with another person.  Now, after making friends, the girl started talking to me, I told her about Hopscotch, she wnted to know more but really, I was flush with friends at this point and just wanted to read my book.  Funny how things change.  Going back to Ao Nang, the 5 of us eventually made it and ended up staying in the same hotel - Vipa Tropical Resort run by Mr. Banana.  We decided to Americanize ourselves, possibly under my direction, to eat at Burger King :)  I, on the other hand, will never change.  LOL - Fast Food.  MMMmmm.  After dinner, we went to Change Bar to have some drinks.  I had half a beer before the three of us (Myself, Chloe, Terry) realized we were eexhausted as none of us had sleep fromt he night before on Maya and thus we went home.  I was so excited for an early night and I got it. G'Night.
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Ao Nang
photo by: findmeabeach