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The suits ready to go.

Very early morning today.  Had to be ready to dive, like yesterday, at 7:30.  Today was a bit harder of a wake up due to my late night the night before.  Totally unintentional but Ant and I went for dinner and then headed to Ban's to have 1 drink. We know how that goes.  Abigail was there as was David, one of my friends from class.  There was live acoustic music, heat, friends, I had to stay.  Eventually my new friend Lotta from Sweden (she's a new cast member of this blog so don't try to figure out who she is) and her and Ant and I just shot the shit for a while.  She's 23, 3rd year med school in Sweeden, 5'11, blond, blue eyes, etc. etc.  After Abigail left, and then Lotta left, I decided to head home as I did in fact have to dive the next morning.

My diving class.
  Fortunately/Unfortunately, as I left, I saw Lotta again and she asked if I wanted to walk her home, up the hill.  As we were close to her house, we walked passed a swimming pool, one of the two at her resort, and umm, decided to take a late night swim?  It was so much fun.  After we said goodnight, I went home, turned the tv on and for whatever reason, watched an entire movie, one that I have already seen.  Needless to say, late night.  After the class found each other at 7:30 we headed on the boat to go for our last two dives of the course.  This time we dove to as deep as 18 metres which is really exciting. I touched a sea urchin, a cucumber, I saw huge trigger fish(I had no idea they got that big), angel fish, sting rays, moray eels.
Maud and I, she's french, obviously. Clint her bf is my diving buddy.
  Its funny, there was a massive school of Baracuda which I felt were like the lions of the underwater jungle.  YOu pay the same respect to them as you would a lion when at the game reserve.  I really like diving.  The people who are involved with it seem to all be cut from the same jib, and the act of diving is just too much fun.  I could totally see myself coming back here next year to obtain my Dive Master Certificate.  I guess we'll see how the year goes.  Abigail is too cool for words.  She's like the girl next door yet the girl you have to be careful of.  I love it.  Nothing has happened with mon professor quite yet but I have a few more days on the island.  We'll have to see what happens.  Honestly, for me, its just about connecting, sparking emotions that feel good when in certain situations.
A Big Black Cock, drained.
  Its hard to explain becaue so many people here are looking for different things, most guys being sex obviously.  I just love the feeling of like.  After class I went to see Ant who was working at a bar on his laptop.  I wrote a song as I played the guitar. 

I remember the first time I saw
Your Beautiful Smile
All I knew was it was worth driving
Those 4 extra miles

You Looked at me with those blue eyes
Like the angel I always Knew
You asked if I was sure
I needed no review

I Knew right there right now
You were the love of my life
I see our future now
Our Kids, me, and you as my wife

Instumental chorus (chords - C, Am, G)

It is 3 years from then
Were sitting on our porch
Its been a surreal trip
With absolutly zero remorse

Youre due in 2 months
Thats time I can not wait
I want to see what we've made
But now its all with fate

Instumental chorus (chords - C, Am, G)

The lyrics are weaker then the amazing chord combination I found.

One of the Danish girls in my class.
  Its really not bad.  At this poi9nt the mosquitos came out so I had to stop.  I guess its a WIP.  (Its about no one specific).

Afterwards, I took a nap and met my class at Ban's restaurant where we were meeting for dinner, drinks as a celebratory dinner.  We watched the video that was made for us (but I didnt buy it as I know I would never watch it) which was very cool and then we just partied all night.  It was a lot of fun.  We lucked out, our class was very cool, I have had a great time.  This blog sucks.  Sorry but I have no creative ability right now.  Fail.

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The suits ready to go.
The suits ready to go.
My diving class.
My diving class.
Maud and I, shes french, obviousl…
Maud and I, she's french, obvious…
A Big Black Cock, drained.
A Big Black Cock, drained.
One of the Danish girls in my clas…
One of the Danish girls in my cla…
Maud, a little inebriated.
Maud, a little inebriated.
Koh Tao
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