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As you can see from the name of the title, I decided to return to Bangkok instead of spend those extra days on Phu Quoc.  The two Americans on Phu Quoc, Jenny and Johnny, along with two new Brits we had met, Dan and Ali, and I decided to go on a snorkelling trip around Phu Quoc.  We were picked up early in the morning and driven to a port where we took step onto our boat and were off.  The cost of this trip was about 280,000, or about 18 Canadian Dollars.  You will soon see the value you can SOMETIMES find within South East Asia.  On this trip, we were taken to three seperate spots around Phu Quoc and some of its smaller sister islands  to snorkel, of which the snorkelling equipment rental was included in the ticket price.  Again, the fish situation was lacking compared to that of Koh Tao's but Johnny gave me his underwater camera casing and thus I was able to take my own digital camera with me and for a few brief moments, be an underwater photographer.  At one point on our trip, we were given fishing hand reels and bait and fished for about half an hour.  A few people caught some fish, I caught two, and albiet they were small, it was very exciting.  I think it was a win/win situation as we all enjoyed this part of the trip and the crew feasted on our catch as I later saw them eating them.  When I took my fish to get them unhooked (as I wasn't going near it), I told him to throw them back but the first time the hook broke off in its mouth and thus it was going to die anyway and the 2nd one was dead by the time he took the hook out.  Unfortunately I took part in the killing of two animals but I shall get over it as I assume several thousand cows have died because of me alone throughout my 29 years of life.  As I changed my flight to the 5th instead of leaving on the origianl flight date of the 7th, the next day I woke up early and jumped on a plane to Saigon.  This city is insane.  There is no way to explain it.  I know I already talked about the scooters but I have to mention it again.  Scooter.  Scooter.  Scooter.  I booked my flight out of Saigon for later that evening and thus had an entire day to kill as a tourist.  I left my bags at the airport which gave me an unexpected level of adventure.  I shall explain.  Without a hotel or a backpack, I was just able to go.  Anywhere.  Knowing I didn't have to come back.  I knew I could find a taxi at any time and thus if I went West, I went west and never looked back.  After writing this, I can see it doesn't sound so unbelievable but usually in life we are always going and returning but on this day, I just "goinged".  I told the driver to drop me off at District 1 which is where the bus droppped us off after arriving from Nha Trang and I remembered it looked pretty cool.   I didn't have time to go on an organized tour and thus I just walked around.  Also, my camera was dead and thus I shall only live on with memories of this city.  I found my way into a market and got lost for about 3 hours within it.  I picked up some toys, some gifts, etc. but I knew with my final destination being Bangkok, I would do most of that type of thing there.  (not their but there).  I walked and walked and walked until my feet were "Hopscotched", which is what I call it as it is what my feet feel like every time after I run The Hopscotch Festival.  That feeling where your feet bones feel like they are directly hitting the floor instead of the sole of your shoe...  On the way back to the airport I did something I have wanted to do since I arrived the first time in Saigon which was jump into the Scooter race.  Without a backpack I hired a scooter taxi and told him to SAFELY take me to the airport.  It was SO much fun.  I was one of a million legs of the giant millipede with other legs coming inches from us.  It was quite exhilirating although I dounbt I could ever rent a bike and drive within it.  To say you have to be alert is adolescent.  You basically have to see the future rather than be alert.  Bikes come at you in every direction, full speed, and you either have to brake or weave away from the one coming from the right and then the left, but down weave too much because there are scooters within inches of your back tire that you don't even see.  Its CRAZY.  And I loved every minute of it.  In the airport I met two Italian girls and we chatted for a while and decided to share a cab to Koh San Road in Bangkok, which is the main tourist street of BKK.  Every room was booked except for one which was about 6ft by 6 ft, big enough for a single bed (with no towels or sheets), and a ceiling fa, of which I mean  a regular fan, attached to the ceiling.  No power outlet, no A/c, No fridge, NO BATHROOM (shared facilities).  IT was 1am by the time I had eventually climbed the 5 flights of stairs with all my bags to get there so I decided to stay for one night.  Meh.  Whatever, it was fine.  The next day, today, I and one of the Italian birds (the other left for Phuket), went to the Bangkok weekend market.  If you have ever been, you get it.  If you haven't and you plan on coming to Bangkok, go here.  Its an outdoor market of vendors of all sorts from clothing, to fabrics, to pets, to food, to souvenirs, to shoes, to lanterns, to EVERYTHING.  32 acres of it.  It generates $750,000 US a day.  Its awesome in every sense.  Again, I picked up some new clothing and some more gifts and as well, a worse case of Hopscotch Feet.  My legs are rediculously sore.  I spent more money today than on any other day of my trip (minus the Koh Tao Diving Bill) but it was worth it as everything I buy is a steal.  LIterally, as the vendors are stealing all the brands they sell as rip offs.  Just Kidding, I avoid fake brands - its not good for anyone.  Thats it.  Have a few more days in Bangkok - plan on taking a cooking class, do a city tour, etc and then home.  The writing style of this blog was horrible but I am exhausted and just wrote it as the memories were fading a bit.  Actually, Im surprised it wasn't in point form.  I am thinking of maybe trying to write a book.  Even if its just something to keep my mind flowing over the next few years, it might be kind of interesting to attempt.  And, finished Paths of Glory, it turned out to be quite good, although kind of short.  I didn't realize it was based on a true story - George Mallory, the first man to attempt Everest, written in an Archer style fiction novel.  Give it a go.



bikerdad says:
Hey Wader, sounds like you're ripe and ready to get back into the rat race! Hey, hey. Hopscotched feet and all. Nothing like a pair of good quality New Balance running/walking shoes to give your feet the comfort they deserve...heck, how would you feel having to carry around 170 lbs of weight every hour of every day on a pair of (probably) worn through leather sandles?!! It is so cold in Toronto right now...ouch! Indian ocean sunshine soon in Plett...whoopdidoo. All is good. Enjoy the 32 acres and watch your wallet. WYAGYBLVBDD
Posted on: Feb 06, 2010
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