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The Viewpoint, at sunset, with the two Israeli girls.
Okay!  After I wrote the blog I went to try and activiate my sim card that I bought at 7 eleven.  I am pretty sure I messed it up as all the instructions were in Thai but seriously, it said enter the pin, I did it, and they said not valid.  I did it four times, then the stupid carrier locked my card so I couldmt make any calls.  "Call 1175 from a different phone to speak to a representative".  NO PHONES IN PHI PHI work.  Actually not true.  The "5"on all pay phoens are broken.  Its like someone had a sick sense of humour.  I took it back to 7-eleven and after the 3 attendants were beyond cocky while laughing in my face (it is soo fittting that the three douche bag thai people on this island work for the globalized chain), I got them to give me my money back.  It was more the principle than the money.  Afterwards I went to the beach, and sat, and read, and played frisbee with Andrew and Stuart, two cool guys from the UK that are turning out to be good guys versus guys that you hand out with just to kill time, read my book - which I dont know the name of but Ive had since Vi gave it to me in S. Africa last year.  Read about 100+ pages yesterday.  Its really good thus far.  I saw the two Israeli girls from the day before and they said they were heading up to the View point later.  As I have learned not to make commitments while I am here (I either stand people up or end up waking up just to go because I made a commitment, I told them I would se them there possibly).  I was planning on going anyway and at about 5:40, started making the trek.  Ever walk up a 90 degree flight of stairs?  I have.  Eventually I got to the top View Point and looked out over the island of Koh Phi Phi.  I won't ecent try and explain it with words.  Breathtaking.  I will try and post photos soon.  I saw the two Israeli girls and we chatted about Israel, the war, Canada, and so many more thing until the sky turned Orange and Pink and the sun had set.  The three of us made our way down together at which point they told me that they are doing dinner at 8 at "Madams".  I basically said if I am there I am there and said my goodbyes.  I went to my new hotel which is SOOO much better.  3rd times a charm!  A/C, Hot Water Shower.  Soo good.  Anyway - took a lonnnng shower, lay down on the bed (keep in mind its 7pm) and just woke up now (Its 7:45am).  There is somethign peacful about Phuket at 8am when the streets are baron and the stores are closed and other than the one or two drunken idiots who (and this actually happened), waddled from foot to foot, opened a bottle of water, took a sip, looked deep into the eyes of the bottle and said quite loudly "You are sooooooo good", back to my setnence, other than that guy, Phi Phi is yours to enjoy by yourself.  I have three things I want to do before I leave Phi Phi.  I want to do a Island Hop on a long tail boat, I want to Camp overnight at Maya Bay (where the The Beach was filmed, or at least the beach part of The Movie The Beach), and perhaps go scuba diving.  I am waiting on wrod from my friend Anthony to se what he wants to do and when he plans on getting here because I dont mind going to railey, Krabi, Lanata in the maentime and then returning to meet him here to do those things.  Also - a new player is in the mix.  Dave Bolon just wrote me and gave me his travel details.  Looks like meeting up with him wont take up that much effort which is exciting.  Can't wait to see my old friend from South Africa and his gf Tammy.  Alright - a new day awaits.   Happy Birthday Momma.  You look about 3 days older than 41. 
Gagmel says:
Hi Ads - gald to hear you are doing so well and having such a ball. Sounds like you are really forced to just relax and be in the moment. Thanks for birthday wishes - got them from Dad late last night. Wish we had some of your sun and beautiful views to keep us warm. Keep the words flowing. xxxx
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
almidasa says:
looks like you had a good night sleep..12+ hours...go you! I get 3 at max before i need to go to sam! Ads - sounds like you are fitting right in. Enjoy the adventure. Love the blogs...get so excited when a new one is posted...keep em coming. Love you, Mich and boys xoxox
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
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The Viewpoint, at sunset, with the…
The Viewpoint, at sunset, with th…