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My next flight was supposed to be at 1pm but it was delayed to 1:40.  Not a big deal except I was aonly supposed to have a buffer zone to go from one gate in Seoul to my next flight of 40 minutes.  They assured me they would make up time in the air, which makes me think of that comment by Seinfeld which was "if they can make up time in the air, why are they not going as fast as they can in the first place?".  Anyway - I finally boarded my plane and prepared to fly from Seattle to Seoul.  12 hours of flying, 11 hours of sleeping.  Not much to write about.  I stick by long time thought which would be if you are flying, ever, buy a $20 u shaped pillow at the airport.  By far the most useful thing you could ever fly with.  Once I landed in Seoul, I rushed to the next terminal to catch my flight to Phuket.  I was already going to be landing at 11:20pm and didnt watn to have to catch a later flight and arrive in some new city on the other side of the world any later.  Anyway - they were boarding as I arrived at the gate and thus made it.  6 hours of flying, 5 hours of sleep.  I thank G-d for giving me the talent and skills to be able to sleep well on planes.  It didn't hurt that there was one empty seat on the plan and it was next to me.  Once I landed in Phuket, I was bombarded with cabbies trying to get some business.  There is just something so shady about getting into an unmarked car at midniight in Thailand.  After driving for an hour at 150kms down regular 60km/h roads, I arrived in Patong Beach.  I checked in and realized that the combination of all that sleep and the fact that it was 7am for me, I wouldn't be able to sleep.  I went to check out th beach area of Patong Beach to see if I wanted to stay there for a couple days.  Yeah.  No Thanks.  That place is disgusting.  If I was into Thai Hookers, or ladies ranomly grabbing my bits, or just feeling sad for the human race, I would have stayed.  A million bars, A million people.  Split evenly by the desparate (those looking for sex) and th desparate (those selling sex).  I was very much turned off so I knew I was leaving tomorrow.  After 4 or 5 Thai Beers, I felt tired enough to crash so I jumped on the back of scooter and went back to my gross Patong Beach, Phuket hotel.  Expedia: FAIL. 



darkinvader143 says:
go visit other nearby islands. A lot of tour trips there that you can choose. I highly recommend Maya, Phi Phi islands. I did enjoy my stay in Phuket last yr thou... and fyi, im not into hookers too (massage massage!) hahaha :P
Posted on: Dec 12, 2009
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