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This entry might be a bit short as I wrote a novel yesterday for the blog and yesterday was so shit that I'd rather this blog doesn't remind me of it in 10 years down the road when I reread it. I set me alarm for 630 am which in vacation land is hella early which was also worsened by me going to bed the night before at 3:30. I was told to be ready, outside my hotel for 7am to be picked up to start my travels to Koh Samui. 7, 7:10, 7:20, 7:30 were all the times I saw on my iPod while waiting. My hotel were the ones who sold me my ticket and thus it was easy for me to ask where the fuck  my ride was. Unfortunately at 7 in the morning, no one works at the front desk. Finally someone showed up at the hotel, and arranged for me to be picked up. At 7:45, some dude shows up in a decked out pick up truck and tells me to get in. We have 15 minutes to get somehwere that takes 30, which is where my connecting ride will be.  If I were a cat and had 9 lives, I still will have been worried that I may not survive. In and out of traffic, around corners; I was not only scared for my driver and my self but for the unsuspecting scooter traffic that was sharing the koh lanta road with us.  Eventually we got there and I switched to a 10 seater mini bus. I assumed that everyone had as little sleep as I as a) it was Xmas eve the night before and b) no one said a word. I tried to sleep as sleep on moving vehicles is my specialty but failed miserably. Finally2 hours later we arrived in Krabi.  It was 10:30 and the two of us from that van who were going to samui were to be picked up at 11. After being offered some bunk weed by some guy who obviously thought I fit the bill of a westener weed smoker, which, well, umm, the point was the weed was bunk and he was shady, and said I no.  The car that was to pick us up was also late and thus when he finally picked us up we were in a hugr rush. Sweet I thought,  another one of these rides.  It was a pick up truck as well but this ones back had been converted to have seats. Benches rather, running parallel to the length of the car and thus when you sit and drive, you are perpendicular to the way the car is going.  I explain things, obvious from the latter point, that hold no revelance to the story. I guess I am trying to just paint your picture a bit clearer. Anyway, we left the tail gate open and after we started to reverse to start our drive to the next stop, a scooter with two Thai kid's, about 20 years old drove by. "Oh my god, oh my god" were the words that came out of my mouth as I, for a split second was able to predict the future, or more accurately see the inevitable and the corner of the tail gate went into the leg of the kid on the back of the scooter. The sound was like a firecracker but thank god, I guess be heard me calling, the scooter's driver was able to keep the scooter upright as if he didn't, it would have been a lot worse.  After the scooter stopped and our driver spoke to them, it was obvious that they decided the best idea was to ditch the scooter, put the kids in the back of the truck, and drive to the hospital.  I'm all for the well being of human beings but I now found myself racing through the streets for Krabi with a kid whose legs has a wound deep enough that I thought I could see his bone and blood pouring out. I do want clarify that for me it was bad enough that he was bleeding but the fact that it was the kind of wound where blood poured out in sync with his heartbeat just made it worse. At this point I will admit my cleptomaniac obsession here in Thailand of stealing unused rolls of toilet paper that arent used from my hotel room. I never have more than one on me but if there were ever a situAtion where you didn't have what you really needed, needing toilet would be the worst. I open the roll and handed some to the kid.  Eventually we dropped the kids at the hosptial and were off to catch our buss.  I noticed the poor kid also left his shoes on the truck which actually made me feel bad as I assumed he didn't have very much disposable income.  I should clarify, I didn't feel bad but rather it was a thought that crossed my mind.  We boarded to bus and were off!  Krabi to Suratthani. I couldn't sleep which upset me as I was exhausted but I was able to write my blog which helped kill time. After 2.5 hours we arrived, or so I had thought.  We literally were told to get off the bus, go into the coffee shop, show them our ticket, get a sticker, wait 30 minutes and then board the same bus. It was such an obvious cash grab it was insulting.  I applaud their optimizing their revenue by taking a bus load of unfamiliar westerners hostage but seriously, Fuck Off!  We then traveled for another hour on the bus to the port of Suratthani.  From there we travelled two hours to Koh Samui.  On all the other ferries I had been on thus far, I was so excited just to feel the fresh air, take in some sun, and view the scenery but on this gross car transport vessel, I sat, ready to be where I was going.  Enough was enough.  Once we arrived on Samui, I then had the pleasure of finding out the hotel Anthony had booked us in was on the other side of the island.  Not that he booked a bad place, he booked it on the good beach, but the good beach as it turned out was an hour away. I boarded yet another mini bus and again we were off.  After this bus missed my hotel, and since the Chaeweng beach road is 1 way, I had to wait unti all the other riders were dropped off first.  Finally, and I say that as FINALLY!, I got dropped off at the Nora hotel.  When I went to get my key, they told me I was actually staying at their sister hotel Nora Lakeview about a 20 minute walk south.  So I trekked it, 8pm, 28 degrees, 14 hours of travel behind me.  After getting lost 4 times since no one was able to give good directions, I found the hotel, walked in, told them with a voice of bitterness and anger to give them my key.  After going into the room, I texted Anthony asking where his stuff was but I ran out of cell phone credit and thus decided to take shower. That was nice.  When I walked out, the door opened and expecting Anthony, it was a hotel staff member telling me they gave me the wrong room key.  I'm in 204 not 206.  What a day.  Anthony appeared right after and I was a bit upset I couldn't give him the warm reception our initial meeting deserved as I was just so pissed off from the days events. We talked, shared some travel stories, went for dinner, then to Ark Bar where we had a drink and then I went to bed.  It was time for the day to be over.  
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Koh Samui
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