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So I finally get to write my first ever blog entry. How exciting! It's just after 12 noon on wednesday and as expected, time as a point of reference is already becoming less relevant. Other than knowing I have to be on a plane at a certain time, time no longer and will not be the foundation of what I do. I am Adam, I am man and I am in my world and together we will see where world takes man. When I woke up at 5am this morning after going to sleep at 3am, I realized that people only wake up after very short sleeps for something really good or something really bad. You're either waking up to catch a plane to go on vacation or to write your calculus final. There's no middle point. You're not going to bed at 3 and waking up at 5 to to go buy bread. No sir. What an ordeal to get ready last night. Perhaps playing hockey last night at 9:30 wasn't the best idea. Whatever. It's a team sport and I am apart of the team. No regrets. I'm writing this blog on my iPod. I'm like a child with cool technology like this. I'm listening to Dan mangan on this toy. Check his music out on YouTube. Vancouver singer/songwriter and very good. Boarding soon. I asked for row 28. Which is row 1 In economy and they said it was filled with infants And I quickly let them now my row 35 was perfectly sufficient. Oh mich, dad. You are going to have such a good time on the way home from SA. Enjoy row 28:). See ya'll in Phuket. 19 hours of travel left. I hope this tickle in my throat is just teasing me with a nice tickle vs. deciding to go all the way with me. No colds aloud!
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photo by: diisha392