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I wanted to do something special for my mom this Mother's Day.  Being such a traveler I am, I want to take a trip (most likely to Savannah, Georgia) but due to time and money constraints, I came up with this trip to St. Louis.  I convinced my sister to go along with this (and informed our dad of our plans), and we TOTALLY surprised Mom the Sunday before Mother's Day.  Just as she was getting ready for church, we told her not to, to get ready to come with us for the day.  She was completely taken off guard, even thinking we were joking.  She wanted to know where we were going; I didn't want her to even know our destination city, she would figure it out soon enough (when I called OnStar for directions), but Emily can't keep a secret and spilt the beans that we were going to St.

Louis.  Everything we were going to do that day revolved around Mom's likes and hobbies somehow.

We began our day at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.  My mom isn't really a gardener, but she does enjoy flowers.  When we arrived, Mom said that she'd never been to the Botanical Gardens and that she'd always wanted to go (cool -- I didn't even know that).  So our day started off really well.  It was a bit chilly, but we strolled around the gardens enjoying the spring blossoms and the Climatron that houses tropical plants.  Mom paused when she came to the rose gardens, and I knew what she was thinking: these were Grandpa's favorite.  He had quite a few rose bushes in his yard.  He passed away a couple years ago, and his birthday would have been in just a few days.

Gus' Pretzels
  So this was a bittersweet moment for all of us.

We spent a couple hours at the Botanical Gardens, and by this time we were hungry.  I had decided that we should eat at Gus' Pretzels, for the uniqueness of its appeal -- not that my mom likes pretzels so much, but she is willing to try new and different places to eat.  We each got a fresh-baked pretzel and Emily got one with a bratwurst baked inside, which was interesting, but really good.

From here, we went to the Kitchen Conservatory, a kitchen supply store.  My mom loves to cook and try new recipes; she's always in the kitchen.  And she is QUITE the cook (one of my favorite stories is this one time she tried spaghetti sauce out of a jar, instead of hers, and both my sister and I knew the difference after one bite).

  The Kitchen Conservatory offered just about every kitchen gadget imaginable and we each bought our fair share, despite the fact the lady working was a little rude.

We finished our day by doing something my mom would most enjoy: indulging in chocolate.  And, my mom raised two chocoholics, so we all entered with mouths watering.  We went to Bissinger's Chocolate Experience in the Central West End for the most delectable desserts.  We got their sampler plate that included their walnut brownie, the chocolate semi-freddo (a semi-frozen mousse) and the best of all, molten lava cake, plus a few of their sinfully-good truffles.

Overall, we had a really nice day.  The best part, though, was during the next week or so, I'd overhear Mom telling friends what we did for her and I could tell she appreciated it and enjoyed the day with her girls. 

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Gus Pretzels
Gus' Pretzels
The bratwurst pretzel
The bratwurst pretzel
Shopping at the Kitchen Conservato…
Shopping at the Kitchen Conservat…
Bissingers Chocolate Experience
Bissinger's Chocolate Experience
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