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Today was our first day of mission work and I loved every minute of it! We woke up, bright and early, ate a quick breakfast, then headed to the school. A local nurse who speaks Spanish and English was nice enough to join us to help translate. We visited about 10 classes and met over 350 students.

We spent about 30 minutes in each classroom teaching the children about dental care. We played an interactive game in which we showed the students a picture of a food and asked them to decide if it was good or bad for their teeth. It shocked us all when at least one child in every class, thought candy was good for you! After teaching the students how to brush their teeth, we passed out toothbrush's and did a fluoride treatment on every student. Surprisingly, the children were very attentive and welcomed the treatment! They were so thrilled to see us and very appreciative of anything we had to offer.

The children here are beautiful!!! Their teeth, however ... a different story. Black and rotten, bleeding gums, missing teeth. It has to be painful. Yet, none of them seem bothered by it! Is it because they do not know any different? The ironic part of the morning was that after teaching hundreds of children about dental care, we saw locals selling penny candy on the school property.

We spent the rest of the afternoon seeing patients in the clinic. I worked in a room with a nurse practitioner treating multiple cases of scabies, malaria, ring worm, etc. We even cleaned out a foot wound on a young man caused by a pig bite!! Who knew pigs bit?!? It is already breaking my heart to know that we will only be here for a short time. I wish we could stay longer and follow up on the care we are providing.

I gave 100% today. I love being here ... it makes me feel like I'm actually doing some good! The smiles on the children are more beautiful than words can explain. The people are amazing! I don't want to leave!

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photo by: smessen