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View from hotel room... not exactly nice, right? But hey, this way chances are good to receive free WiFi internet from people living over there hehe...
It's just been a few month since my visit to Hong Kong in late March, however, I was looking forward to this trip so badly! Aaargh! Finally, I arrived at Hong Kong Int'l Airport Chek Lap Kok around noon. Lufthansa Flight LH738, as usual... hehe :-P

Well, as you might know, flying Lufthansa isn't exactly that much fun. Usually, they have old planes with no entertainment systems, poor service and lack of friendliness.
So this old run-down 747 didn't have entertainment systems as well, and that tiny TV screen in front of me was broken, displayed weird colors and the program was some sort of chinese soap opera!? Aaargh! #*&%$§! They must be kidding!

As I had an exit row seat and some movies on my iPhone, I didn't really care... and even the service and the food was quite well on this flight!
Biggest advantage of flying Lufthansa from Germany to HK: Nonstop flight! Going from FRA to HKG in 10 hours and a few minutes.
Shiny Swarovski Benz in Elements Mall
No hours of waiting for a connect flight in Dubai, Helsinki or Singapore.

After landing almost on time, I took A11 City Flyer to my hotel, The City Garden Hotel in Northpoint. Usually, the ride is about 1 hour, but because of heavy traffic it took forever!
City Garden hotel isn't exactly the cheapest hotel in HK, but you get good bang for your bucks. Nice clean and comparatively large rooms and a very good location near bus, tram and MTR stations as well as shops and restaurants make it a good choice.

After moving to my room, I went out to go shopping for some food and drinks. I also walked to a PCCW phone store nearby on King's Road and got me a prepaid SIM card.
Wow, making phone calls and texting is so cheap in HK! They charge you like 0,01 Euro per minute talk time, a SMS cost about the same.
What is it with HK malls and skating rinks?
Man, back in Germany I have to pay 0,29 Euro per minute or SMS!! Even calling someone in Germany from HK is cheaper than calling directly from Germany. Grrrr! Greedy phone companies in Europe!

Later that afternoon I went to Elements Mall at Kowloon Station to meet my friend Chispa.
There's a very cool movie theatre at Elements Mall: They have shaking seats! We went there to watch "2012". Wow! If you want to know what it feels like when the world comes to an end, just watch this movie in that shaking-seat theatre! So impressive! ;-)

After a small late-night snack in one of the Element's restaurants I went back to the hotel. Enough for today! @.@

Oh, and yes, I only took three pictures today! Gotta focus on taking more pictures! haha

alicegourmet says:
That's true...the cost of tele-communication (mobile/cell phone) service is so cheap. In U.S., the charge is around 10 cents to 20 cents, according to how many minutes you bought and the carrier. I've never fly by Lufthansa...thanks for the review and it will be one of the choices if I fly to Germany next time.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
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View from hotel room... not exactl…
View from hotel room... not exact…
Shiny Swarovski Benz in Elements M…
Shiny Swarovski Benz in Elements …
What is it with HK malls and skati…
What is it with HK malls and skat…