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Arrived into Bangkok in the early hrs of the morning and I was very happy that I made reservations at the Holiday least it meant a good bed and shower. ...even tho it probably was going to be the ONLY time that I splurged on accomodations. I am after all....a budget traveller with a backpack.  Really didn't sleep much that nite but decided that another expensive nite wasn't really necessary to grabbed a taxi to Kho San Road. the culture shock hit us. The smells...the crowds..the street food vendors selling everything from frogs on a stick to fresh name it they had it. It was very exciting. So we found a well...not very nice guesthouse and spent one night. It felt like anyone could come in thru the window or the thin walls so I told my daughter who was travelling with me that I was going out to find us a decent guesthouse. Apparently it became my mission...all thru our travels...i'm a believer that there's always a better place waiting for us. Anyway...we did find a nice guesthouse called the D&D Inn..had a pool..really friendly staff...a bit pricier than the first place but oh was worth it. Especially when you can share the cost with someone it doesn't seem so bad.  SO ...we decided to get some serious shopping happening so we went to the Chatuchak Market....WOW....absolutely overwhelming. I'm sure it would take a person a week to go thru the whole place. How easy to get lost in there. I'm glad that we went in the morning because by the time afternoon hit it was suffocatingly muggy and crowded. Great place...of course we had to get a good foot massage because well...the day wasn't over yet. The food area at the market is amazing....well..i really couldn't find anything to eat that I could fruit was the meal. Drank tons of water...couldn't get enough of it actually. Went to a Mexican Restaurant that night ..ya..I did say Mexican....daughters choice. Anyway...that night I woke up and was very fact ..i was sick for 2 days. Pretty awful. I was so happy that I had someone with go get me juice, water..fruit...oh how I craved an orange but none to be found. Finallyl after I was better I found Coffee thing i learned quickly in Thailand is that if you ask for a coffee you get instant coffee...yucky. So my latte was delicious. You know the Pad Thai I had for lunch the day before...use to be one of my favorite Thai dishes...not anymore. In fact...sad to say that i was completely put off by Thai food.  It was the standing joke between my daughter and I because we were so crazy about Thai food before coming to Thailand and now we couldn't stand the smell of it. Crazy. So 4 days in Bangkok was way more than we wanted to spend there so we got bus tickets to Phuket.  Had no idea where to go but knew that we wanted beaches so we picked'll just have to read on if you want to hear about that trip.

jsoria1 says:
Your adventure sound soo funny to me. I easily imagine a movie with the plot of your experiences in Bangkok. I will be in Thailand (also Laoos, Vietnam and Cambodia) allJuly 2012.

Posted on: May 30, 2012
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