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I wake up early, 8am! That’s early for being on vacation. We get breakfast downstairs then up to the room, get ready, then checkout and then off to the tube. I don’t know how many times I can say how superb the transportation is in London. There is a train from the Piccadilly line that goes straight to our terminal in Heathrow! How’s that for public transportation, and it only cost £4. The security was fast and we were in our terminal around 10:30am for our 12:50pm flight, luckily Heathrow terminal 1 is practically a mall! (Oh, and I’ve got to mention that I got a compliment on my watch by the security woman. Neves never fails, Danny can vouch for that.) It had plenty of duty-free shops complete with every alcohol and free Bailey’s and also clothing stores like FCUK and even a Zara. Something strange about Heathrow is that they don’t tell you your gate until about 30-45 minutes before so you just have to sit tight and watch the board. Around noon, we got our information and were off to 27a. After we had already been through security, there is another security and metal detector stop halfway between the terminal and the gates. These Brits know how to do it. When we got to 27a, the doors were locked to get into the actual waiting area. They really have this place under lockdown. That drunk girl Friday night had no idea what she was talking about; Brits lockdown more than Americans. Here I’d like to say that the ONLY way to fly is British Airways. It was so comfortable and for our 1 hour 20 minute flight we got fed! And it was a good chicken tikka sandwich and also a Mediterranean Tuna sandwich. The Tegelhof Airport in Berlin was quite strange but we made it outside to an awaiting Jutta. Jutta is my dad’s cousin, but I just call her my aunt because it’s easier that way. She is really carefree and easy to get along with and I’m glad I won’t be alone with my grandma for the next 2 weeks. I’m really counting down until I meet Bianca in Frankfurt. She was an exchange student at Boise State and she said to keep in touch and she’ll show me around Frankfurt. After meeting up with Jutta, I approached her and asked her to help me find some true European shoes. These Europeans love shoes and you can tell. Everyone wears such nice shoes and I wanted a pair so our first thing we did in Berlin was walk the Kufürstendamm or the Ku’damm for short, which is a the main street in Berlin for shopping and sightseeing. The Gedachteskirche is in the middle, that’s the old famous church that was bombed and they left it as is as a memorial of WWII. The shoe hunt was on! We ate at a really nice restaurant called Mövenpick and I had my first steak on this vacation, it was so good! After walking up and down the Ku Damm we headed back to our apartment and just relaxed. It’s good to be in Germany but I truly miss London
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photo by: CFD