Day 8: Living Like A...uh...Queen?

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I was awoken quite early because today was our last tourism day in the great city of London and we were on our way to Windsor Castle. We first stopped downstairs to get breakfast then back upstairs to get ready, well just for me to get ready. We had to walk about 2 blocks or so to Gloucester Road where the massive Holiday Inn Forum was, which was where our tour bus was scheduled to pick us up. This hotel is ENORMOUS! And I’ve been to Vegas too many times to count and even I will comment on the shear size of this place. Our tour bus was scheduled to pick us up there around 10:45 and it was a was a little bit late and came around 10:55 but that wasn’t really an issue for me since I had to run back to my hotel to grab my poor sick and dieing iPod that lasted me about an hour before going kaput sein on me. Note to self, forgot iPod charger. The drive wasn’t bad and we were in Windsor in about 30 minutes. Our tour guide was named Tisch or Tish or however that atrocious name is spelled. She was really nice, a bit kooky, but nice. She reminded me of a Hogwarts teacher because of the crazy frizzy hair, the accent, the long coat, the limp, and the crazy umbrella she carried. Windsor Palace was huge, nothing compared to the Holiday Inn but it was a giant and I’ve seen more castle and palaces imaginable. Windsor Castle is the Queen’s official weekend estate for she leaves Buckingham every Friday and stays until early Monday. The palace was like a museum in itself; it contained many priceless works of art by Van Dyck and Ruben and even an entire room dedicated to da Vinci’s drawings. Also housed in the palace was Henry the 8th’s armor. Ooooo ahhhh. After Windsor, we traveled to Hampton Court, which is another castle but is a rather old one. Much of the castle is in the Tudor style which was Henry the 8th and it is really plain, bare, and drafty. This was Henry’s official residence and also the residence of his many wives. After Hampton Court, we made our way back to London and we went out to dinner at a small English restaurant across from Harrod’s department store. After dinner, my grandma and I split up because I took a short look at Harrod’s and it’s famous over the top prices and just about every designer in the world! I felt really poor at the moment because the Gucci t-shirts were £100, even Diesel was marked up! I made my way back to the hotel and just lounged around until bed because tomorrow will be yet another day of traveling with a 1pm flight to Berlin.
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photo by: ulysses