Day 7: So...What Now?

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So, I wake up this morning with the though, “What the hell do I do now? I’ve been everywhere! I guess I’ll go shopping.” That was my plan and I pretty much drained my wallet. Once again, a traditional English breakfast, and then my grandma and I were off the HM Royal Mews. This time, we make it in. Today was my first real encounter with the famous London Rain. Danny and I had some times when it tried but it never actually started to rain. Imagine a trip to London without rain though? I discover that Mews is British for stables. I’m pretty sure my grandma wasted £8 when she bought my ticket to the Mews because that place was ridiculous. It was quite small and there wasn’t much to see. I saw all HM different carriages, which she has around like 10 or some ridiculous number, and all the horses were gone because what we later discovered was that they were all out in front of Buckingham Palace because there was some small parade of some type marching from inside the gates to the Academy which is not very far east of the palace. After the Mews, I take my grandma to Trafalgar because she was set on going to the National Gallery, which is basically apart of the square. I decide, what the hell, it’s a museum; it’s free, why not? The museum was a lot more interesting than my earlier encounter with London museum cough* cough* Tate Modern cough* cough* and I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few paintings and artists that I actually knew in there. They had an enormous amount of Van Dyck’s and Ruben’s. The museum also housed da Vinci’s Madonna of the Rocks and it also had the famous Arnolfini Portrait where the artist painted his reflection in a tiny tiny mirror in the background. After the museum, we strolled east towards Leicester Square and then to the famous market of Covent Garden. We made it back to Trafalgar and here my grandma and I separated; she wanted more time at the National Gallery and I was ready to do some shopping. To my dismay, and it was actually quite humorous, I took the Bakerloo north to the Piccadilly which would take my straight to High Street Kensington but the Piccadilly was encountering severe delays because, get this, “The Piccadilly Line will have severe delays due to a passenger under the train on Turnpike Road.” Uh….did they hit someone or did someone give up on life and decide to jump for it? No problem really, I just took the Bakerloo back down south to Embankment and I took the Circle line west to High Street Kensington. This street had every store from Armani to Urban Outfitters, which is where I started. The European UO is quite nice but is ungodly expensive. Luckily, I encountered a “Buy one sale item, get one free” but that wasn’t that nice when you buy a £60 shirt ($120) and a £40 shirt ($80), which was “free.” I also made a stop at a Zara and FCUK, no I didn’t just misspell Fuck, FCUK is French Connection of the United Kingdom and is a pretty sweet store. I blew through my pounds and went back to the hotel with only 2 shirts and a T-shirt. At the hotel, I managed to find the new episode of Lost that I missed and watched that. By the way, did you know that ABC only airs those shows online in the USA? I had to find a bootleg copy of some British site called, anyways, at least I saw it. After Lost, I finally made it to Sainsbury’s at an hour that they were open with £20 that my grandma gave me and I bought, once again, Vodkat Vodka and Diet Lemonade (my new favorite). After getting back to the hotel, and showing off my vodka, I quickly got in bed and just fell asleep to CSI. Isn’t there anything better to do? Note to self, travel with younger people.
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photo by: ulysses