Day 5: Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea!

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I wake around 9 to go meet Danny downstairs for breakfast. It was, once again, the traditional English breakfast. This is pretty much our first “actual” meal for quite some time. If you ever want to survive London, make sure to hit up all those quick little stores in the Underground and get a £1.50 Sausage Roll. I think those are the only things that kept Danny and I alive. After breakfast we go back to my room because I still needed to shower. Danny spends some time on my computer booking his last hostel and also preparing for his next destination, Newcastle upon Tyne, which is a city up in Northern England. It sounds nice and has a good nightlife; I’ll for sure hit that town up next time. I hope I hear some good news about it from Danny later on in Boise. So we head out and decide on a lazy day of some of the big touristy stuff like Parliament and Westminster Abbey and just walk along the South Bank of the river Thames. It was quite a nice day and we still haven’t really met the infamous London rain since arriving. We get to the Abbey and come to the conclusion that this may be the only church that charges £10 just to go in, honestly, what if you just wanted to go pray, do you still have to pay? That’s $20! Just before we were leaving, we hear a lot of commotion and drums, we look, and we discover a parade of scouts marching towards us. They were all black and it was some African Pride festival going on and also tagging along behind the scouts, young and old, were many other walks-of-life following such as anti-violence posters and just people following the parade and singing and dancing. We watched it, then went back to Westminster Station and headed east to go to a small Old Operating Theatre museum which housed some creepy exhibits about the history of operating such as a drill to remove the “bad spirits” from ones head and scary old dilators, hooks, and prongs for maternity uses. The museum, which was in the attic of an old church, also housed an old operating theatre. This is where surgeons would perform operations and students would sit around and watch. It was kind of interesting. We were also “lucky” to catch a talk on the Bubonic Plague. At first, it was interesting. 45 minutes later, as she was still talking, it became not so interesting. We both dosed off a little bit but I think everyone did. We then went back to my hotel for a little rest and for Sainsbury’s diet Lemonade. And what do you know; the vodka is still where we left it! Today was also the FA Cup in the English Futball League and so we watched the last 20 minutes or so in my hotel. Chelsea against Manchester United, and Chelsea won in extra minutes. From there we went to Danny’s new hostel because earlier when he checked in, we couldn’t get the key. So we go and move his stuff from the locker in the basement to his room and we meet Shareth, an alumni of UNC Chapel Hill who just graduated and we nicknamed him “Valley Girl” for his excessive amount of the word “like.” It got pretty annoying as the night wore on but as I got drunk, it didn’t really matter. He informed us that one of their roommates was turning 22 so we decide to wait for him and take him out. His name was Ben and he was from Geneva, Switzerland. He was way chill and we just went out to a pub and it was a good time. By the way, if you ever make it over the pond, get Tetley’s Extra Smooth beer, it’s DAMN good. We walked around some more after that but I had to call it early so I could catch the last train out of King’s Cross around midnight. Danny and I said our goodbyes and I was off. We made a deal that I’ll stash a bottle of vodka and we’ll come back in 4 years to see if it’s still there. It was nice to have a friend over in London to go do stuff with, I’ll miss having him around for the rest of the trip, now it’s back to my 78 year old grandma. Haha, maybe I’ll go shopping tomorrow with her, make her buy me something. I’ll give it a go.
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photo by: ulysses