Day 4: What Just Happened?

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Well, Danny and I don’t get up until around 3pm and then we just lie there, just talking and still in wonder of last night’s happenings. My grandma comes back around 4pm DONE for her day of sightseeing when Danny and I still aren’t even ready to leave for our day in London. I get showered and ready and we head out to check in to his 3rd hostel in 3 nights, which just happens to be on the same block as my hotel. From there we hop on the tube and head over to the British Museum, our only stop for the day. The place was enormous but we got there in “after-hours” and half the exhibitions were closed. We did get to see some mummies, the Rosetta Stone, and those infamous Elgin Marbles stolen from the Parthenon by our jolly good friends the British. From there, we head to Danny’s hostel in Holland Park to pick up his luggage and then we drop that off at his hostel on my block. He gets ready and showers and we head over to my hotel. We were a bit “thirsty” by that time and we go to Sainsbury’s once again and we pick up a bottle of Imperial Vodkat Vodka, some bagels, cream cheese and a couple bottles of diet Lemonade, you know, the essentials. We go back to my hotel, scarf the bagels and crack open the vodka. We took about half the bottle then, get this, just stashed the other half in an old piece of furniture down in the lobby haha. Now comes the good part. We head over to King’s Cross station to meet our friends Adam and Emma at The Cross, a big club but we get hosed at the door. I guess everyone was too drunk last night and we weren’t on the guest list. From there we head back to the station and try to figure something out. We continually get hosed until around midnight where we once again get hosed by missing the last train on the Piccadilly. Two girls approach us on the platform and one was quite inebriated while the other was just well, Anne-Marie and this girl got us into some right thick trouble later. The drunk girl was not too fond of Americans. Here “American” accent was hilarious as she made fun of Danny and I. “Unlike you, we aren’t afraid of terrorists. LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN!” I guess I can give her a break; she was quite nice other than that. She got herself a taxi while Anne-Marie offered to help us find our way on the buses after we rejected her 20 quid offer for a taxi. (Looking back, we should’ve nabbed that!) We walked to a nearby bus stop and Anne-Marie waited with us until the N73 showed up and she assured us that it was the right bus. Well Anne-Marie, if you’re reading this IT WASN’T! We ended up in Zone 3 up in northeast London at the Seven Sisters bus stop. N73 is bad news; don’t ever get on that blasted bus. From there we had to wait for another bus taking us the completely opposite direction. “Ruby Ruby Ruby!!! ……” We had to endure some upright rejects on this bus signing the new Kaiser Chiefs’ song at top volume. We didn’t make it back to our block until around 4:30am! We parted at his hostel and made arrangements to meet in my hotel at 9:20am for breakfast. Once again, what just happened?
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photo by: ulysses