Day 2: Jet-Lagged

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Even with an hour delay due to weather, we arrive in London 5 minutes early. Customs check was only about 20 minutes and we were off. I'm travelling with my grandma whom I call Omi, which means grandma in the North in Germany. After getting our bags, we walked towards the exit to find a man holding a sign reading "Ingeborg Heintz." The man was our "Driver." He took us to our hotel and we arrived at the hotel around 7am but with our room not ready until 3pm, we had some sightseeing to do. We left our bags at the front desk and off we were. My hotel is located in S. Kensington which is only a 20 minute walk to Buckingham Palace. We headed in that direction, taking in the sights, smells, and mass amounts of traffic along the way. Turns out, our hotel is located on one of London's many fashion streets. It's home to the world-renowned Harrod's Department Store and also Harvey Nichol's or Harvey Nick's for short. After stumbling through the fashion district, looking quite "unfashionable" for the Londoners, we arrived at Buckingham. Snapped a couple pictures and back we went to the hotel. Blast! It's only 10am, still have some time to burn. On our way back, we stopped into a couple stores and also at the nearby Natural History Museum (which by the way, enter beware! You'll run into about 50 touring Kindergarten classes) and the Victoria & Albery Museum, which had cool couches in the shapes of giant lips! We get back to the hotel and what do you know, it's only 2pm, luckily, the hotel has arranged a temporary room for us to wait in. I surfer around on the internet and about 10 minutes later, PASSED out only to be awoken around 3pm by the bellhop, who by the way saw me on facebook and got all excited and found himself and added me on facebook, to escort us and our bags to our actual room. My hotel is quite strange, it's the old residence of the Vanderbilt's, yes "the" Vanderbilt's as in the Railway Entrepunuers of the 30s of New York. Well back to my hotel, it's quite strange due to the fact that it has over 348 doors!! Takes nearly 15 doors just to get to my room on the 3rd floor. Once in our actual room, it only takes about 30 minutes before jet lag kicks in again and I pass out to awake the next morning around 9am.
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photo by: ulysses