Day 18: Finally We Meet

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The day starts with breakfast in our hotel in Rüdisheim and then we get on our way to Baden-Baden, finally! The TomTom navigation system says it is only 2 hours away but he hit a couple Staus along the way and it turns into a 3-hour drive. We make our way into the city and stop at a little Tourist Information place and they get us a nice hotel called Hotel Etol in the downtown area of Baden-Baden. We check in, and head out to find some lunch. We eat at a nice little café and I finally get good potato salad, none of the shitty northern or American potato salad made with mayonnaise and shit but the real stuff with vinegar! After lunch, we walk around the city a little bit and try to call up Susanne but there isn’t an answer. Some time passes, and we get dressed up and head to the Kurhaus, which is where a spa is, and also the famous Baden-Baden Casino. Turns out that the gambling age is 18 in Germany everywhere except Baden-Württemberg! Damn! So we go and eat a real fancy dinner at the Kurhaus, complete with those big metal plate covers and everything. It was nice. “You eat with your eyes.” After dinner, I head outside and try Susanne again and she answers. I tell her that we just finished dinner at the Kurhaus and she says “What?! The Kurhaus…you’re here?” and we set up to meet at her house around 8. My grandma and Jutta go and have a look inside the casino and I wander the area until a quarter to 8 when we make our way up towards Susanne’s. I found some really nice scenery above the Kurhaus and some good pictures. We meet back up and we make our way to Susanne’s. Turns out, she lives on top of the city! We practically climbed a mountain to get her house. She lives in an amazing 1895 Italian Villa and her apartment was huge and had very modern furniture and it was really really nice and expensive! When we got to Hebelweg No. 4, I was greeted by my crazy Tante Lilo who was in the second story window with her hands grabbing the sides of the window and then shaking with excitement as I approached the “Villa” and I could hear her call out “Er ist schon jetzt heir! Jetzt jetzt jetzt!” (He is already now here. Now now now!” After the greetings, we went up to her place and we shared two bottles of champagne and Lilo kept filling mine up and I had nearly 5 glasses! My company was, my mom’s cousin Susanne, my mom’s aunt/grandpa’s sister Crazy Tante Lilo, her husband Karl, who is the nicest man in the world and Lilo and Susanne are always mean to him (in a nice way though) and all he does is smile, and of course my Omi and Jutta were with me. We talked and talked and talked about just about everything. Susanne ehemm Dr. Susanne Baun, speaks 5 languages so it was nice to speak English to her but her German is very understandable and I could tell she opted to speak German so to help me with my German. MY Omi has been translating EVERYTHING to me and it’s been pissing me off!!!!! I have had 4 and a half years of German! After talking and the two bottles of champagne, it was nearly 11 and Susanne and Lilo walked us halfway home and we said goodbye and planned to meet up at Susi’s house around 11-tomorrow morning. What an amazing day! I finally got to meet my mentor, Dr. Susanne Baun!
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photo by: missandrea81