Day 17: I'm Ready to Get Lost!

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We skip the expensive hotel breakfast, check out, and then head into the city at the early hour of 9:00am. We eat a nice breakfast at a Kaufhaus in the city, which is a well-known department store and they usually have restaurants in them. Es schmeckt gut! After breakfast, we went down to Main Street and walk all the way to the castle and back. We didn’t go up to the castle because it is a long walk up the mountain and all of us had already been. There were many nice stores and we went in a few. There was this one store that my grandma went in and it was the BIGGEST Christmas store I’ve ever seen. I’d like to know how these people make any money when we’re so far away from Christmas. Heidelberg is a big city and a very old city and I took many nice pictures of the really old buildings. It was another nice lazy day just walking around. I hope some excitement will be in the near future but I’m having a good time. After Heidelberg, we decide to head back north and find a nice little city on the Rhein, Germany’s famous river, and just relax. We decide on Rüdisheim, which is a famous city with many wine fields and vineyards and also the famous Drosselgassel, which is a very small and eng street with many touristy German stores with all those handmade German trinkets and such. The drive to Rüdisheim was very nice and it as we drove along the Rhein, there was about 64 castles in about 5 miles! It seemed like every mountaintop had an old castle or monastery on the top. This is what the Rheinland is famous for. After eating a good dinner, I had Zieguernerschnitzel! Haha that literally means Gypsy Schnitzel. After dinner, we walked the city and went into a couple stores and then went back to our hotel. After watching TV for about an hour, I went down to the reception to ask about Internet and I got the network key and I was back on the Internet! It’d had been so long since I had seen Lost that I was determined to find the season finale. I ended up having to buy it off of iTunes and it took 2 and a half hours to download! But it was worth it. After it finished, I went up to my room and watched the entire 1 hour and 25 minute, uninterrupted; episode of Lost and it was so good! But honestly, what the hell is ABC thinking. How do they come up with this bullshit! And now I have to wait like 8 months to see the next episode. Oh well, Baden-Baden tomorrow! I finally get to meet Susanne, my mom’s cousin.
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Rudesheim am Rhein
photo by: novabelgica