Day 14: Germany's Mexico

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Today is not going to be a fun day, might be adventoreous but Today, we are headed into Poland becuase there is this small itty bitty town, no not even a town, my grandma says it's just liek 4 buildings, but this is in the area that use to be Germany and this is where she would spend summers. She loved it becuase she could do whatever the hell she wanted and she wanted to go revisit it after 40 years.

So we wake early and head out without breakfast planning on just pulling over at the many Rasthofs along the Autobahn which have restaurants in them. Now we head out on the open road with our TomTom navigation device pointing us to the border (it doesn't have Poland because who the fuck really wants to go there?!). I fall asleep for much of the trip, even going through the border. I wake up about 2 hours later to instantly discover that they have driven an hour off course. They somehow made it an hour north of the desired Autobahn, woman! I get the map and point them in the right direction since maps are my thing...I dunno why, but I could just stare at a map for like an hour, even if it is a mpa of Poland.

We finally arrive in the area of Rahmwerde but we get HOSED on every way we try to go. My aunt's car is 2 weeks old and so we dodge the two dirt roads and then we come upon the 3rd and last way into the forest but then we discover a big sign that says "Military Zone: Keep Out". I feel so bad for my grandma; we're 5km's away from her favorite childhood memories and we can't get any closer. Well, back to Berlin! YAY!

Poland can be described as Germany's Mexico becuase Polish people like to go across the border and work in German farms on their vacactions. Wow! What a good way to spend your vacation but hell, someone's gotta do it. Here is travel advice, DON'T GO TO POLAND! I give permission for Germany to once again take Poland over during the next World War. I hope it's soon and I hope Germany ravages that nation. Ok, I'm just kidding, but honestly, who goes to Poland?

Once back in Berlin (civilization) we go to the Graffiti Bar for dinner and I order a Mojito and that was so good! Really strong though...and I'm not the biggest rum fan. After dinner we head back to the apartment. I've been slowly getting sicker and sicker and so I decide to call it a night early to try to fight off this nasty cold that I somehow picked up. It's probably Avian Bird Flu, oh well, at least I'll die in the "Motherland" so to speak.
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photo by: CFD