Day 13: You Are Now Leaving The American Sector

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Today is a holiday in Germany and it is also Sunday when stores and just about everything besides restaurants and museum are closed anyway. The holiday just makes them extra closed, I guess. We go for breakfast at Graffiti and they seem to recover well after the storm last night. Their huge Fosters umbrellas were back up and ready to welcome the day’s tourists. Turns outs that this weekend was home to the DFB Pokal Fußball match, but also the ‘Carnival of Cultures’ and also this holiday and here is a run-down on German holidays. They are ALWAYS two days. Such as Fingsten Sonntag und auch Fingsten Montag so you’re pretty much screwed for two days instead of one. Germans sure know how to take time off to celebrate. After breakfast, we decide what else is there to do then go to the Zoo, why not? A baby Polar Bear is causing a big hype here in Berlin because the bear is the symbol of Berlin and if you ever find yourself in Berlin, you’d quickly find this out. The Zoo was crowded beyond belief! You first had to wait in a huge line to get your tickets then another to get into the actual zoo! So we just shined it and headed to East Berlin to give the Reichstag a try. The Reichstag is Germany’s House of Parliament and it always has a line outside but we tried anyway and well, surprise surprise, a line! So we stayed on the double-decker and stayed on until the next stop and visited the Branderburger Tür, which is that big Roman gate that is associated with Berlin. It’s at the end of Unter den Linden Straße, which is the street where Hitler held big military parades on account of the wide street and sidewalks, great. My grandma actually went to a few parades in her time, haha, she says that he sure knew how to throw a parade but then again, she was only a little girl. P.S. She is NOT a Nazi if you were wondering. Hitler was actually popular with the Germans until yeah, we all know the answer to that. Back to what I was saying earlier, the Branderburger Tür is a magnificent gate and today it was still home to the Fanmeile or Fan Mile of the previous day. There was a LONG line of food stands on account of the DFB Pokal match. There was a HUGE screen erected in the front of the Tür, which means door, in this case a gate, which was set up to show the Fußball match to those who couldn’t afford the €500 and up tickets to the match. From here, we walked down Unter den Linden and made our way to Friedrichstraße, which was the former fashion center of Berlin and my grandma worked somewhere on this street but because it was all bombed to hell, she wouldn’t have the faintest idea where her building was. She told me that one day she was on her way to work and as she made her way through burning rubble and bricks, she got to her building to only find a burning pile of rubble and bricks. That’s kind of a creepy story, makes you realize the seriousness of the war and its affects on the innocent civilians. At the end of Friedrichstraße is the famous ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, which was the gate between the Soviet and American Sector. It was interesting, but it was just a gate, so we didn’t stay long. We saw the famous ‘You are Now Leaving the American Sector’ sign and we were on our way. By this time, we were all getting hungry, so we headed to Potsdammer Platz and went to the Alex Bar in the Sony Center for a snack. We also visited a Spielbank, which is a casino. We didn’t go in, Jutta just wanted to show me what’s in store for us when we go to Baden-Baden, but there, you have to wear a full suit and dress just to get in, yikes! After walking around the Sony Center, we head back down towards Ku’damm when it begins to rain. We quickly find some cover and we find ourselves standing in front of the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum. I’m against going in, that’d be strange and uncomfortable, but they go in. Surprisingly, it was all that bad and there were quite a few people in there! The museum had a lot of pictures, which I couldn’t help think about their authenticity. About 90% had these descriptions which all seemed extremely fabricated and far-fetched. I’d like to know, what is with old woman and sex?!? Honestly, this Beate Uhse lady was this old lady who wrote sex books and such. Germany has Beate Uhse while America has Sunday Night Sex Show with that old Sue lady (My friend Megan’s hero haha). After the museum we head to Graffiti for dinner and then Jutta and I head back to the Sony Center to go see Spiderman 3. Once again, I could write a book bragging about Germany’s amazing cinemas! I enjoy a Cab which is Lemon + Beer sweetened with Dragonfruit. It was refreshing. Cab is famous for their Beer + Cola but I couldn’t help but try the lemon first. The movie was good, a little cheesy but what do you expect. We head back and I head to bed, I think I’m getting a cold.
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photo by: CFD