Day 11: The Storm of the Century

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We all got ready around 9am and we were off for another day of Deutsches History and shopping. We ate breakfast at the Graffiti Bar and it was another magnificent German breakfast. After breakfast, we walked down the Ku’damm to the Gedachteskirche and the nearby Newsstand on the corner, which my grandma’s childhood friend owns and runs. She was there and they talked for about 20 minutes while Jutta and I went into Leiser shoes and we found shoes, finally! I now have a pair of classy European shoes for the next time I come to Europe or when I get the guts and sneak into a Boise bar. After Leiser, we caught the 200 bus, which sent us to Friedrichstraße and Unter den Linden where the DHM (Deutsches Historische Museum) was located. This museum spanned from the before the Middle Ages until the present including the interesting 1940s and the rise of Hitler. The museum was complete with the nicest and dare I say the fanciest café I’ve ever seen in a museum. Germany really knows how to make museums. This café had candelabras with real candles and magnificent long tables with very uncomfortable yet expensive chairs. You know deal, the more uncomfortable, the more expensive. I had an Alsterwasser that is beer and sprite and I also had an official staple of Southern Germany, a pretzel! How I’ve missed a real German bretzel. After the DHM, we made our way back to Ku Damm and this time we went to the Ka De We. Imagine Nordstrom’s but with 3 times the amount of brands and about 5 times the price and you have Berlin’s famous Ka De We. I managed to find a Diesel sweatshirt that was on sale from €120 for just a mere €20! I was amazed and when my grandma saw my Ka De We bag, she nearly had a heart attack then when I told her I found a Diesel sweatshirt for €20 she nearly had another heart attack. After walking along the Ku’damm and going into many department stores and shops along the way, we made it back to Graffiti for dinner. My grandma ordered a Mai Tai and let me tell you, the drinks here aren’t like England. Maybe the bartender screwed up but this drink was 95% rum with just a shot of some tropical fruit juice. It was just PURE rum! After dinner, we went back to the apartment for about 30 minutes and then Jutta and I decided on going to the CineStar in the Sony Center to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We made it to the corner of Brandenburger Straße and Ku Damm when the all hell broke loose. The wind and rain was out of this world! We luckily quickly found an entrance to some apartment building and we waited for about 10 minutes before deciding on making a run for the subway that was right in front of us. She had never seen such a storm in her life. The huge Fosters umbrellas were all blown over and the construction site next to our little safe haven had blown over. We took the U-bahn and S-bahn to get to Potsdammer and by the time we got to the Sony Center, the rain wasn’t that bad. It quickly came and quickly left. Now, I’ve got something really interesting to write about. The movie theatres in Germany are a delight! The first thing quite strange thing (which I discovered 3 years ago) about German theaters is that you buy your seat and you have to sit in your seat that is on your ticket. Now here is the good part, the CineStar in the Sony Center has two fully functional inside the theatre and I even had a huge 5,0L beer in the actual movie. So I enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with a nice German beer at my side. The only downside to German cinemas are that the curtain opens at 8:30 and then you have commercials until 9 and then they close for about 5 minutes and then they open once again and then you have about 3 previews and then the movie starts around 9:15 or so. Pirates was an exceptional movie and I even got to see it before people in America. Movies come out on Thursdays in Germany and I saw in Friday night but Friday night equals Friday afternoon back home on the west coast. Nice. Around 12 o’clock midnight we made it out of the cinemas and into the Sony Center where might I add there is an exceptional bar called Alex right in the heart of the Sony Center. Well, it seemed like the night was only beginning at the Sony Center. The 5 or 6 bars were packed and I could only wish for a friend to enjoy the night with me but since I was with my aunt, we headed home. Oh what a night, what an adventure, and what I’d give to have some friends to share these Berlin nights with!
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photo by: CFD