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Pasar Besar area
I had just returned from BDO on the 30th Nov with my cousin and his mates. Almost a few weeks prior the date of departure, we experienced quite a nightmare from Airasia as our flight scheduled at 9.40am departing KL was moved to night and coming back to KL flight on 30th Nov was also moved to night from noon. I waited closer to the date with hope of changing the flight schedules for both ways to avoid going through a "WTF" holiday due to the flight changes. Thank goodness for Rose of AirAsia customer service who managed to help out by reverting back all the existing "WTF" flight change to the previous time of arriving nearing noon in BDO and leaving for KL after lunch:-).
Another Factory Outlet. It's connected to Seximo too.
So, all 9 of us arrived in BDO around 12noon ish(an hour ahead M'sian time) after experiencing crazy traffic jams that hardly moved with our equally reckless cab drivers chartered from the airport. The standard fare was 35000 Ind.ruppiah per cab but will share the rate from the hotel later in this blog. For our group, we needed 3 cabs as there were no MPV in sight. My cabbie was a wee bit reckless driver as he'd make "illegal U-turn" in the middle of traffic and he had also accidentally knocked a walking passerby at the arm while driving at one of the small roads. Our cabbie just reacted to that when he stepped on his breaks abruptly for a few seconds and said, "oh" along with a horrified gasp" but drove off!..Lol. CRAZY right?
What I had noticed while our cabbie zipped around short cut roads were closed stalls, heavy traffic, big houses along dirty roads lined with food stalls, tied up Rams(oh yea with those big horns) by their owners and puppies in cages being sold to buyers.
All 3 cars reached the hotel in one piece each. Checked into Sukajadi Hotel and had lunch a few blocks away along the same row at a Warung Nasi Campur place. The restaurant was like our Malaysian coffee shop but this place sells only "economy rice" style food and none other stuff. Rule of thumb when eating at the porch/outside open space of these type of restaurants: Swat flies away from your food with a fly swatter if you have as these insects are horrid. (My mum had the runs later during the night actually). So after lunch, we walked over to a shopping Square nearby that had Carrefour for the start of our shopping agenda ;-). I bought nothing though.
Went back to the hotel after a few hours,dropped by at Rainbow F.O (Fake stuff sold I assume as the branded goods looked unusual) and headed to Grande F.O and Blossoms around evening. Bought about 4 pcs of clothing between both outlets as it was cheap and nice...I Liiike!
2nd day: Hired a local driver-Pak Dollah to ferry us to far places.(I think that's his name). Decided to head to Mt. Bangkuban Perahu. The journey from our hotel took us an hour plus to reach the Mt. but the journey was interesting as we noticed some of the rich had huge beautiful homes. There were also many plant nurseries and hotels up along the Mt. We had to pay entrance fee of 1250 Indo rupp. per person as we were "indonesian chinese tourist" or otherwise, we hadto pay 35000 indo rupp. per person. Just 10mins after we reached, it started to pour! We were stucked at the place for 20mins..What a waste of our money and time! So, we decided to leave while it was raining to avoid heavy jam from the Mt towards downhill (there's heavy jam even at the Mt.)..LOL. Stopped by at one of the Strawberry farm on the way down. Was in for dissapointment from most of us except my niece. She went strawberry picking of 10 pieces at the rate of 1900 Indo rupp. The fruits were small and kinda sour..Lol. We couldn't ask her to throw us some over the fence as the staff at the farm were hanging around too..Lol.
After the farm, we went to Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Cafe for lunch. Goodness, it took us almost an hour ordering the food due to a miscoomunication. Finally, we ordered grilled prawns which were divine along with meal sets like one big plate with a bowl of rice, 1 meat, small salad and some condiment. I was dying to try bandung's fame Avocado juice but they ran out! We were cranky before food and happy after chomping it all down.
Left for Tokoh 3 to shop for jeans. Nothing fantastic at this outlet except Levi's and some other local brands that are available in KL. Prices are dirt cheap compared to what is available in KL. I pair of Levi's would only set you back from 125K+ to 200K+. We went to Donatella after that to see bags and shoes- dissapointment as it wasn't Versace...Lol. We went to the fame Kartika Sari to buy some brownies and Kuih Lapis(Layer cake). We all shared the Kuih Lapis and brownies which were baked in oblong shaped like a cake. The kuih lapis with prunes were yummy! 
wait, can't remember where else we went after that. Aahh...the fame Rumah Mode!..oh wow. The place is classy and contemporary looking. The stuff were abit different too. As usual, it was packed with people similar to the other outlets we went due to the Hari Raya and weekend. Bought something that I really liked :-P. So after tiring ourselves out, we had dinner at Pak Chi Met opposite our hotel. Set meals style. Grilled seafood or chicken is their speciality. Yummy!
I didn't brought my video cam with me as it would add weight to my bag and in turn to my lower back problem. The pictures I had posted were borrowed from travellers who posted in their blogs..Lol. At the end of the day, it comes down to the same things.
3rd day: Went to Pasar Besar. Huge place and humid. Loads of prayer outfits for muslim folks. Loads of textile which were fabulous as I noticed the lace designs were different from our local ones. Even their songket materials with designs and Baju Kebaya were different. My cousin's close female friend and I literally drooled over all these textiles as they were beautiful and cheap. We spent quite alot of time looking for certain items as she wanted to sell them back home ;-P. After pasar besar, all of us hopped into the car to go to The Secret (another F.Outlet). Finally bought some office wear and a Tee shirt for my bro. Had enough of the place and drove to Grande again and then some other F.Outlet within walking distance until almost dinner time. Bought the last thing that I really liked unexpectedly from Seximo...Lol. If only it was a Jimmy Choo bag!..Lol.   
Basically, my take on this whole trip was that things sold at all Factory Outlets in Bandung were off season stuff which are either rejected originals or 'fakes' and it pays to do homework to know what is worth the money to spend. All in all, it was a good trip as it was good for shopping and eating..Lol. Perhaps the next time if I do go to this small town again, it would be for cultural knowledge. Also, I would travel over the weekdays and during dry season. Muslim public holidays will be packed with local folks from Jakarta and rainy season around this time isn't fun either. 
shuwei says:
Lol...We were told by one local it was Pasar Besar and this post is sooo old. Thanks for the heads up though,Darwin19. Have a great day!
Posted on: Jan 13, 2013
darwin19 says:
It's Pasar Baru. :)
Actually many Malay go there and buy clothes, and sell them back home. :)
Posted on: Jan 10, 2013
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Pasar Besar area
Pasar Besar area
Another Factory Outlet. Its conne…
Another Factory Outlet. It's conn…
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