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There has been some changes in my life. Changes that are leading to greater good which also included cutting losses on relationships & friendships that are no longer beneficial, if you know what I mean ;-) So, I am open to travel to another country with someone from this site or a group because as a choice, the concept of travelling solo doesn\\\'t sit well with me. As most travelers may or may not know, the Ringgit Malaysia is not high in value. So, there is limitations to what one could do and cannot do. So, my travel trips would not be a long stay in another country as do some who have the luxury of time and money to do so.*Sigh* Anyway, my intention from this year forward is to travel among other things and my mind brought my attention to this company called �Contiki� holidays. I like what they are offering but not the age limit stipulated for their tours. Lol. To ladies and gents who are from 18 to 35s, why not book yourself a packaged tour with Contiki instead of going solo (if you honestly don�t like going solo)? The website is I do hope this website is helpful to you who travels alone but really did not wanted to in the first place. Perhaps some of us from different countries who are travelling solo going to a similar country could join together as a group? I should be going into the discussion board to check out on who�s going where and then post something with the hopes of joining together as a group ;-) Cheers!

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