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Flight to Moscow. The only site in the world where pollution is beautiful.

Greetings from Naryn, Kyrgyzstan,

I am having a fabulous time meeting new people, building relationships, and becoming friends with the Kyrgyz people.

Kyrgyz child playing
  Most of my previous plans have been thrown out the window because of an unusually warm time of year even for the Kyrgyz.  The skys and winds have been unusually dry as well, thus the city of Naryn is still quite bare of snow.  So my plans for snowboarding have been replaced with some ideas my dad above gave me; one being playing soccer at the University’s gym. I have met more students my age playing soccer than I ever would have recruiting people to go snowboarding.  Some of them know just enough English and I know just enough Kyrgyz we can learn each other’s names and plan another game.  God has sky-rocketed my level of outward boldness as I try my very broken Kyrgyz with just about anybody on the street.  I am trying to build relationships more than anything so I can invite them over for dinner and spark some wholesome conversations.

I went out to an ice-climbing location at a nearby waterfall last week to see if it were even possible to climb with such warm weather.  Our DTS leader said there is not near enough ice as previous years but still do able.

Naryn: gorgeous town nestled in a long valley in the middle of an extremely mountainous country.
After setting up all the ropes and putting the gear on, I was the first student to make the ascent up the waterfall.  I went ice climbing for my first time on a waterfall in the secluded country of Kyrgyzstan!  Not too many people can say that.  I am now planning to make several trips back to the spot with some Kyrgyz friends.

I have recently been under enemy attack as he tried to hinder my accessibility.  The beginning of last week, I awoke with a pretty sore throat and it eventually developed into tonsillitis with two large abscesses in my upper neck.  The pain was close to the worse pain I have ever felt.  Everyday became worse to the point where mucous blocked my airway and I had a difficult time breathing.  The abscesses grew so much I couldn’t eat anything and because of the pain I had a strenuous time staying hydrated.  My lips were cracking from dehydration and the headaches were increasing.  Once the rest of the team knew how bad I really was, they found an American doctor who took a look at me. seriously, that's what I bought and ate that day. I'm still not sure if it was horse or dog???maybe somethin' else?
He suggested x-rays to look at the abscesses, but to get them removed I would have to make the 6 hour drive back to Bishkek.  He also suggested getting hooked up to an IV since I couldn’t eat or drink really.  I didn’t think I would make it.  He sent me home with some antibiotics and said if I didn’t get any better within the next 5 or 6 days, I would have to go the hospital in Bishkek.

Miraculously, with G’s healing hand, I awoke the next morning with a 100% clear throat!  The abscesses were completely gone from what I felt.

Typical site in Kyrgyzstan
  I didn’t even have a scratchy throat! Praise him.  I was well one day too late so I unfortunately missed all the Christmas festivities on the 25th, but was ready to serve the following day for a dinner with multiple Kyrgyz friends.  Gathering the food at the bizarre (market) is always exciting, buying several kilos of this and that trying to learn the Kyrgyz words for the vegetables.  I love it; I feel so much at home from previous living experiences in Romania.  The narrow aisles are always bustling with activity, people sliding around on the ice walkways, and Kyrgyz sellers yelling, wanting the Americans to buy from them.  I try to buy from each one, a kilo of carrots from this older lady, 4 kilos of potatoes from the weathered man, and 2 kilos of onions from the silent, kind lady behind the rusted stand with icicles dripping from the edge.  I love it, and the Kyrgyz people notice because I’m always smiling, instead of the usual emotionless face of stress or boredom.  He is shining through me and opening the eyes of a confused people in darkness.

Once again, I have written much too much.  Anyhow, thank you for your hands together and please continue to do so.  Only through his strength can I learn enough Kyrgyz to reach out to the people in a deeper way.

Serving in Kyrgyzstan,

Zach Hooley

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Flight to Moscow. The only site i…
Kyrgyz child playing
Kyrgyz child playing
Naryn: gorgeous town nestled in a …
Naryn: gorgeous town nestled in a… seriously, thats what… seriously, that's wha…
Typical site in Kyrgyzstan
Typical site in Kyrgyzstan
Where I lived for three months
Where I lived for three months
Atop a hill in Naryn
Atop a hill in Naryn
photo by: Biedjee